WiFi Exposure: Can it Cause Cancer & Other Illnesses?

Protect yourself from harmful effects of WiFi

In a previous article I discussed the dangers of EMR, WiFi over exposure, also known as electropollution in this age where we literally cannot live without our mobile phones, internet connection and wifi.

So how can you protect yourself from these harmful effects of living in the digital age? How can you keep yourself and family, especially children, from harm’s way when it comes to the electropollution?

Unfortunately, government regulations don't protect you because they're based on outdated science. And it's now impossible to avoid electropollution, even if you never use a cell phone or computer.

Cell phone towers are everywhere.

WiFi computer systems flood our airports, coffee shops, highway rest stops, stores, public libraries, schools, hospitals, and private households with radio frequency radiation. Satellite TV and Internet bombard most communities, and the average person carries a growing array of electronics during the day and sleeps perilously close to them every night.

These layers of exposure are believed to have cumulative physical effects. Luckily, you can minimize your exposure and help repair the damage that has already taken place by doing the following things:

Lifestyle Factors Contribute to WiFi Exposure

► Use your cell phone only when necessary, turn it off when not in use, and never carry it on your person. Its electropollution irradiates everything within six or seven inches. In fact, men who carry cell phones on their belts have a 30 percent lower sperm count. (Bioelectromagnetics).

► Don't use a wireless headset with your cell phone. It increases brain-damaging, cancer-causing radiation by as much as threefold (Bioelectromagnetics). Instead, use the speakerphone feature.

► Don't keep wireless or cordless devices in the bed-room. That includes cell phones, cordless phones, Blackberries, and laptop computers.

► Move wired devices, such as digital clock radios and CD players, away from your bed. Also, position your bed as far as possible from wall outlets and wires inside the wall.

► If at all possible, don't live near (and certainly not under) high power lines, especially if children live with you.

Studies show a 500 percent increased lifetime cancer risk among children who live within 300 meters of such lines during their first five years. And with adult exposure, there's a higher risk of malignant melanoma and leukemia.

Nutritional Support to Counteract WiFI Exposure

► Take supplemental melatonin to counteract the suppression of pineal gland secretion. I recommend 1 mg every evening, half an hour before bedtime. If needed, you can take as much as 3 mg every evening for sleep.

► Take supplemental vitamins C and E, which, according to early studies, significantly decrease tissue damage caused by cell phones (Toxicology and Industrial Health). I recommend daily dosages of at least 1-2 grams of mineral-buffered vitamin C (in divided doses) and 800 IU of vitamin E.

► Take honeybee propolis, a rich source of the potent free-radical scavenger and antioxidant caffeic acid. In lab rat studies, caffeic acid significantly protected against cell phone—induced damage to heart and kidney tissue (Toxicology and Industrial Health; Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry).

I recommend 500-1,000 mg of propolis twice daily. 

► Increase your intake of apples, turnips, radishes, cauliflower, bok choy, arugula, kale, and cabbage, all of which are good sources of caffeic acid.

► Take Ginkgo biloba. After seven days' exposure to cell phones, the oxidative damage to brain tissue in control rats was significant, and their natural brain tissue antioxidant levels were depleted. But in rats pretreated with Ginkgo biloba, brain damage was prevented and natural brain antioxidant levels were preserved (Clinica Chimica Acta). I recommend 60-120 mg daily.

► Take supplemental zinc. It is known to protect against a cell membrane—damaging process known as lipid peroxidation, which electropollution causes in brain tissue. In laboratory rats exposed to electropollution for five minutes every other day for six months, plasma zinc levels significantly dropped (Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine). I recommend 15 mg daily.

Physical Ways to protect yourself from over WiFi exposure.

In the USA FREE WiFi zones have become popular; but did you know that in Europe WIFi Free zones have sprouted out in metropolitan areas? Ask yourself why...

Here are some practical steps you can take to keep yourself and your family safe from electropollution:

Invest in keeping yourself WiFi-safe.

One handy but effective way to reduce radiation exposure is to get one of the pouches easily available on Amazon. This one called Phone Pouch reduces your exposure to cell phone radiation by up to 99%, without interfering with your phone's reception or battery life.

Some doctors like Dr. Mercola speaks highly of the Faraday Bag. You can also read his finding about the health effects of WiFi here.

You can buy a faraday bag to fit your cell phones and also for your computer, or if you wish even make your own. Try using this Faraday fabric. 

Another option is to use MRET shielding chips. When human blood samples were exposed for 15 minutes to cell phones that did not have MRET shielding, the distribution of white blood cells in the samples shifted to a typical stress response.

Remember, electropollution is everywhere, but you can protect yourself with the tips I've provided for you here.

I wish you the best of health! And stay abreast of health news.

Dr Susan

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