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Delicious Cultured Foods for Health

Did you know that delicious cultured foods such as yogurt can support your overall health? These amazing foods contain living microorganisms that enhance the food’s flavor, digestibility and nutritional value. These beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast or fungi help to break down more difficult to digest nutrients like gluten, sugars, raw vegetables and legumes, […]

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Gingerbread Fruit Parfait

I love low calorie and healthy desserts that still satisfy my sweet tooth! You can make a delicious parfait by layering gluten-free gingerbread with nondairy yogurt and fruits like berries, kiwi fruit and banana slices. Love, Dr. Susan Gingerbread Fruit Parfait Serves 2 2 cups vanilla nondairy yogurt 2 cups sliced fruits, such as kiwi frui, banana […]

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From Dr. Susan’s Kitchen

For a beautiful and tasty treat, puree blueberries in your blender and gently stir into unsweetened, non-dairy yogurt. Top with granola and sliced strawberries. Add a touch of honey, if desired. Blueberries are great sources of beneficial antioxidants that prevent wear and tear on your cells and help to regulate your blood sugar levels. Research […]

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