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What to do when you lack energy & feel tired

Boost Energy from a Cellular Level When You Feel Tired Cells are the living units of every part of your body. There are 75 trillion cells in your body, and each type is specialized to perform a particular function. In fact, each organ is actually a group of many different cells that all have their own role […]

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To mammogram or not to mammogram? Controversy continues.

Breast Tests Beyond Mammograms: The Truth About It & What You Can Do To Prevent Breast CancerDear Dr. Susan, I’m a relatively new subscriber, and I read in one of your special reports that you aren’t the biggest fan of mammograms. Can you tell me why? If not mammograms, then what breast cancer screening tools do […]

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How to fight fibroids naturally & without side effects

Common Signs & Symptoms of Fibroids, And do the Quiz To Check!Dear Dr. Susan, QUESTION During a routine pelvic exam, I learned that I have a uterine fibroid tumor. It’s about the size of a lemon, but thankfully, it’s benign. My doctor is recommending that I have a hysterectomy.  I’m 42. What should I do? —Cynthia Dear Cynthia,  I’m glad […]

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Menopause: Use herbs, and nutrients to stimulate hormone production

Fight Symptoms with PhytoestrogensAlong with stimulating and supporting hormone production in your body, my program also involves the use of foods, herbs, and nutrients that mimic estrogen’s role in your body (if you find them helpful). You can check out my Herb book here. To know more on how you can alleviate menopausal symptoms naturally click […]

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Alleviate Menopausal Symptoms Naturally With Herbs & Supplements

My Healthy Hormone ProgramIf you missed my other post where I talk about HRT and its problems, please read it here.My all-natural hormone support plan involves, the use of several different nutrients that  can give you a hormone-like effect from certain foods, nutrients, and herbs—called phytoestrogens—that have been shown to mimic estrogen in terms of […]

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More preventative ways to lower your risk of breast cancer

Common ​Lifestyle Factors To Help Prevent CancerFollowing my last article on cancer preventative measures I thought I’d give you more suggestions on how to reduce and possibly even erase your risk for breast cancer.  ​Many of these recommendations you’ve probably heard before, but they bear repeating because they are so important in maintaining not only healthy […]

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): Long term risks & How to avoid them

Common Signs of Menopause: Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Anxiety… In the next few posts I will discuss the possible side effects and the long –term risks of HRT—Hormone Replacement Therapy.(If you are unsure about your condition you can take this self-quiz to verify if you are experiencing menopause.) HRT has been a confusing and sensitive issue for […]

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Preventative therapies to lower your risk of breast cancer.

Cancer promoting factors you can control Breast Cancer Prevention   While breast cancer can affect any woman, the risk of developing it is significantly higher if you have one or more risk factors that are out of your control, such as being genetically predisposed or having dense breast tissue.  But there are plenty of contributing factors you can […]

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