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Steps to prevent blood clots from forming & what to do

Stop Blood Clots Before They StartDear Dr. Susan, My job requires that I sit at a computer a lot. I also fly frequently—sometimes overseas. I’ve read that these things put me at risk for a dangerous blood clot. What can I do to protect myself, with-out quitting my job (which I love)? —Liz Dear Liz, Your blood’s ability […]

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How to prevent a stroke & other heart diseases

Are you at risk of a stroke? Or even heart disease?Dear Dr. Susan, QUESTION My mother had her first stroke when she was in her early 60s. For three years afterwards, she took prescription blood thinners, but still died from a massive stroke. I’m 50 and would like to protect myself, but I’d prefer a more natural […]

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Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A)

Excerpt from Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women Beta-Carotene is the plant based, water soluble precursor to vitamin A, also known as provitamin A. It is found abundantly in fruits, vegetables and other plant sources. Once ingested, it is converted within the body to vitamin A, itself. This water soluble form is actually much safer than […]

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