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How to Overcome & Rid Chronic Stress Naturally & Easily

Stress tends to worsen virtually every health problem & illness!Dear Friend,  One of the biggest links to disease and ill health that I’ve seen in over three decades of patient care is chronic stress. I don’t mean the little daily irritations of life, like running late for appointments or for-getting to buy rolls at the supermarket.  What […]

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Sleep: How to get a good night’s rest tonight!

Lack of Sleep Will Affect Your Health & Body!The Health Effects of Poor Sleep   Insomnia and poor-quality sleep significantly affect literally every aspect of your health and well-being. Here are just a few ways that sleep problems can hurt your health.   A Weighty Issue   Weight gain is one of the more significant effects of poor […]

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Lack of Sleep: what it does to your body

Common Signs & Symptoms of Sleep DeprivationSleep: Are you getting enough and its impact on your wellbeing  On the subject of stress, this month I’m going to discuss an aspect of your life that stress can greatly impact—sleep. If you feel you are not getting enough sleep this should help you.  The current economic situation in America […]

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Hiatal Hernia, Gerd and the best natural therapies to overcome symptoms

Q&A: Hiatal Hernia Solutions & Best Natural Alternatives to Traditional MedicationsDear Dr. Susan,  QUESTION I recently got examined by my doctor with a scope  to check my esophagus for damage from acid reflux, and they found a small sliding hiatal hernia. My doctor says that it’s causing my acid reflux and I should get it surgically repaired. […]

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Lifestyle Quiz: Do You Have These Daily Stresses at Work?

Daily Stress Evaluation – Work This evaluation is very important for women with significant stress in their lives. Not all stresses have a major impact in our lives, like death, divorce, or personal injury. Most of us are exposed to a multitude of small life stresses on a daily basis. In some women with excessive […]

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Rhodiola Rosea for Energy and Hormonal Health

Do you want to boost your hormones and restore energy and vitality, especially during stressful times? One of my favorite herbs, Rhodiola rosea, can help. This amazing herb is named for its rose-like scent when newly cut. Rhodiola supports the health of your adrenals, ovaries, and other endocrine glands as well as your female hormone […]

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