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Eating Out: Choosing Alkaline Foods In Restaurants

Choosing Less Acidic/More Alkaline Meals in RestaurantsTraditionally, people have chosen mostly highly acidic dishes and entrees when eating in restaurants. Luckily, all-American fare such as the 16 oz. porterhouse steak, French fries, and rich, sugary desserts, and French cuisine with its heavy butter- and cream-based sauces or even hamburgers or pizzas and coke have been […]

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Physical Exertion, Acid Build Up and How to Balance your pH for more Energy

The Best Tips on how to balance your body’s pHAlkalinizing Agents and Recreational Sports Instead of the use of sodium bicarbonate for hard exertional exercise, which entails using a single and very substantial dose for a quick performance boost, most of us would benefit, instead, from taking more moderate doses periodically during an athletic event or […]

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