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Does forgiveness affect your health or is it just a matter of the mind?

Learning Forgiveness: The First Step To Healing​You would be hard-pressed to find a physician or mental health professional who does not believe in the awesome power of forgiveness. In my own practice, I have seen hundreds of women who were not only in mental anguish and emotional turmoil due to the resentment they harbored, but […]

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Aloe Vera for Heath and Beauty

Would you like to have beautiful, radiant skin and great internal health? Aloe vera juice can enhance your natural beauty with its ability to soothe, heal and moisturize skin! Aloe vera is helpful in treating many skin conditions including rashes, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, sunburns and wound healing. It is also cooling and calming to the […]

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2 Visualization Exercise for Health and Wellness

I want to share a beautiful visualization on love with you. It will greatly enhance your health and well-being by helping you to nurture and lovingly care for yourself. This visualization helps to melt away the stress and concerns of your day. Most importantly, it will help you to reconnect with the healing power of […]

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