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How to fight fibroids naturally & without side effects

Common Signs & Symptoms of Fibroids, And do the Quiz To Check!Dear Dr. Susan, QUESTION During a routine pelvic exam, I learned that I have a uterine fibroid tumor. It’s about the size of a lemon, but thankfully, it’s benign. My doctor is recommending that I have a hysterectomy.  I’m 42. What should I do? —Cynthia Dear Cynthia,  I’m glad […]

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1 Self Quiz: Do You Have Fibroid Tumors?

Fibroid tumors are one of the most common causes of heavy and irregular menstrual bleeding in women in premenopause. It is related to estrogen dominance and is one of the most common reasons for hysterectomy in our society. If you suspect that you have fibroid tumors, you may want to take this self-quiz. If you […]

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