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The relationship between over acidity and diabetes, hypertension and cancer

Elevated blood sugar and its acidifying effect on you.Today I am going to do a broad sweep of three common but terrible medical conditions that affect so many people. It does not seem to matter your social status, or economic independence, or even the country you live in, but these illnesses loom in your future […]

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Herbs for healthy hearts and circulation: Ginkgo Biloba

Excerpt from Dr. Susan Lark’s Healing Herbs for Women The ginkgo biloba tree species originated about 250 million years ago, and a single tree can live as long as 1000 years. This handsome tree is often planted in urban settings, as it resists disease, insects, and pollution. Modern science is finding that this ancient plant can […]

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Herbs for Diabetes Mellitus: Gymnema Sylvestre

Excerpt from Dr. Susan Lark’s Healing Herbs for Women A large, woody climbing plant, gymnema sylvestre is found in central and southern India, the tropical areas of Africa and Australia. It has been used in traditional herbal medicine for the treatment of diabetes mellitus for nearly 2000 years. When chewing the leaves of this interesting plant, […]

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