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Benefits of a Fermented (Cultured) Food Diet

Did you know that including fermented (cultured) foods in your diet can have significant benefits for your health? Fermented foods are staples in the traditional cuisines of Europe, throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, and in Asia, where the fermented tea kombucha is a common drink and fermented soy products such as soy sauce, shoyu, miso, tamari and […]

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Delicious Cultured Foods for Health

Did you know that delicious cultured foods such as yogurt can support your overall health? These amazing foods contain living microorganisms that enhance the food’s flavor, digestibility and nutritional value. These beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast or fungi help to break down more difficult to digest nutrients like gluten, sugars, raw vegetables and legumes, […]

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Fermented (Cultured) Foods and Estrogen Dominance

Excerpt from Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women These bacteria split estrogen from the binding substances that cause estrogen to be inactivated in your liver, which actually helps regulate your estrogen levels by binding to and detoxifying estrogen as it passes through the liver into your blood circulation. From the liver, estrogen is then secreted […]

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