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Systemic Inflammation: Are you suffering from symptoms you are not aware of?

Leg Circulation Problems Linked to Systemic InflammationPeripheral artery disease (PAD) is a narrowing of the arteries in the extremities—usually the lower legs. PAD reduces blood circulation, and while it often causes no outward symptoms, sometimes it results in unpleasant effects such as leg cramping while walking or climbing stairs, leg numbness or weakness, and unhealthy-looking […]

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Anti-inflammatory herbs: Turmeric

Excerpt from Dr. Susan Lark’s Healing Herbs for Women Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Indian cooking and in India’s traditional Ayurvedic medicine. The turmeric plant, grown from India to Indonesia, is related to ginger and has pulpy, orange, tuberous roots that grow to about two feet in length. It is an indispensable […]

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