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Preventative therapies to lower your risk of breast cancer.

Cancer promoting factors you can control Breast Cancer Prevention   While breast cancer can affect any woman, the risk of developing it is significantly higher if you have one or more risk factors that are out of your control, such as being genetically predisposed or having dense breast tissue.  But there are plenty of contributing factors you can […]

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Alternative Cancer Treatments And The Best Options Against Cancer

A Cutting-Edge Cancer ProtocolThe Gonzalez Regimen  When it comes to cancer research, if one researcher comes up with an idea that manages to loosen mainstream purse strings, many other cancer scientists quickly jump on that same bandwagon to get in on the funding frenzy.  A tragic side effect is that scientists with alternative approaches to cancer are […]

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The relationship between over acidity and diabetes, hypertension and cancer

Elevated blood sugar and its acidifying effect on you.Today I am going to do a broad sweep of three common but terrible medical conditions that affect so many people. It does not seem to matter your social status, or economic independence, or even the country you live in, but these illnesses loom in your future […]

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Over acidity, inflammation, toxicity and how to improve your health

Determining your body’s natural affinity to AcidityBefore we talk more about what to do with over acidity we have to help you determine what your body’s natural affinity is. If your pH-regulating system is working efficiently, substances that are too acidic or too alkaline are neutralized by this system almost as quickly as they are formed. […]

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