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Do you have symptoms of over-acidity? Self test now.

Self testing and lab testing for your acid-alkalinity statusThere are several ways you can assess your acid-alkali balance including self testing and lab testing. But these are primarily used by doctors to help evaluate you for specific health conditions. To make evaluation of your own acid/alkaline state more accessible and accurate, I have developed a questionnaire […]

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Self Quiz: Are You a High-Alkaline Producer?

Individuals who are high-alkaline producers tend to have high levels of energy, physical strength, resistance to illness and better health. Their constitutions are more alkaline by nature, with healthier cells, tissues and organ systems. You may want to consult this checklist to see if you have the traits of a high-alkaline producer. Performance Indicators I […]

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The Importance of Feeding Children Healthy Meals

Excerpt from Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women We all want our children to be healthy and well. We want our children to be strong, active and to develop both social skills and their own innate intelligence. Most of all, our children should feel loved and cared for. Yet even the most conscientious parenting will […]

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How to Modify Common Acidic Foods and Dishes

Excerpt from Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women Want to continue enjoying some of your favorite highly acidic foods?  Here are some helpful tips to use to reduce the acidity of these foods. While high-alkaline producers can eat these foods as a regular part of their diet, overly acidic individuals cannot. (For a more comprehensive […]

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