Do you have symptoms of over-acidity? Self test now.

Self testing and lab testing for your acid-alkalinity status

There are several ways you can assess your acid-alkali balance including self testing and lab testing. But these are primarily used by doctors to help evaluate you for specific health conditions.

To make evaluation of your own acid/alkaline state more accessible and accurate, I have developed a questionnaire that you can use to evaluate yourself in terms of symptoms that are more commonly seen if you are overly acidic or more alkaline in constitution.

I invite you to take my questionnaire for the topic as it will help you to choose most accurately the best diet , supplements and exercise programs for your optimal health and wellness.

Testing for Acid-Alkaline Balance (mostly likely to be done by a health care practitioner)

.Testing for Acid-Alkaline Balance –4 widely-used methods

I’m sharing in this section several different methods that can give information about how your body is being affected by your current diet or food intake or how your body is correcting its pH based on elimination of waste through urination.

A pH test of your saliva or urine may be used by your health care practitioner for evaluation of your health status in addition to the checklists that I have created to help assess your relative acidity or alkalinity.

You can buy pH Hydrion test paper at your local pharmacy or Amazon and use it to test the acidity of your saliva or urine. An average saliva pH can be obtained by taking a sample twice a day, at the same times, for seven days. This will give fourteen values, which are added and then divided by 14 to give an average reading. This series of tests can then be repeated in four to six weeks.

The normal pH of the saliva is 6.0 to 7.5, which is needed to begin the digestion of starches in the mouth.

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Check to make sure you do not eat any of these harmful foods.

Assess the pH of your urine, sample the first urine!

To assess the pH of your urine, sample the first urine you void in the morning.

However, pH tests of urine and saliva need to be interpreted cautiously and only in concert with other medical testing and your medical history. This is because these tests do not simply reflect your internal acid-alkaline milieu but can also vary greatly in response to changes in your diet, levels of stress and exercise, and even exposure to environmental toxins

There is another very simple indicator that will give you an idea of whether you tend to be overly acidic or are a high-alkaline producer.

Overly acidic people will tend to feel better and have more energy when they take one-half - one teaspoon each day of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as a total amount.

They will not feel as well or develop digestion symptoms when they eat more acidic foods like vinegar or caffeinated beverages like soft drinks or coffee.

In contrast, however, high-alkaline producers are normally able to tolerate highly acidic foods like vinegar, lemon juice or carbonated soft drinks without ill effect, while overly acidic people may find that eating these same foods causes canker sores, heartburn, bladder pain, or sore throats, to name but a few symptoms.

People with healthy, well-balanced buffering capabilities can usually tolerate both sodium bicarbonate and vinegar or lemon juice. (Read how acid-alkaline imbalance affects inflammation.)

False Readings Due to Current State or Diet

Here are two case studies of people who have created acid-alkaline imbalance within their body through their food and medication.

Angela thirty-five year old teacher tends to struggle from over acidity. As a result she is more prone to cold and allergy symptoms if her diet is too acidic.

One day she shared that she was coughing and congestion, with sore throat which had followed a day of eating highly acidic foods like sugar-laden desserts with each meal. She liked in particular chocolate layered cake and sugar cookies served at her school events. Her salad was doused with balsamic vinegar dressing and her fish was marinated in a highly acidic, lemon flavored sauce. She had also been drinking diet cokes which is highly acidic with every meal.

As a result she started to develop respiratory symptoms as well as indigestion and abdominal cramping.

Her tests showed that her saliva and urine were more acidic since her body was trying to correct for the overly acidic diet she had been eating.

Then there’s Monica.

She tends to have chronic digestive problems including bloating, gas and constipation. She frequently takes over-the-counter antacids. Over a few days when her indigestion was bothering her she upped her intake antacids beyond  the recommended dosages and found that she was developing symptoms of becoming too alkaline.

She started to have swelling of her feet and hands as well as belching.

The saliva and urine testing showed that she indeed had become temporarily too alkaline as a side effect of her over-the-counter medication use.

I will share more with you about other helpful methods that indicate a person’s pH  or acid-alkaline status in my next post.

Meanwhile you can take this self quiz which is an excerpt from my new book: The Divine Alkaline Cookbook.

Dr Susan 

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