Self test to check if you are a natural alkaline producer: Aging test

Find out your natural propensity, and change it

Even if you are more prone to be acidic you don't' have to stay that way. This simple questionnaire will tell you if you tend to be acidic or alkaline.

Check all phrases that apply to you in each section below.

If you tend toward acidity, it's likely that you:

❑ Do not feel your best when you drink alcohol, coffee, or colas.

❑ Do not feel your best when you eat red meat or sugary desserts.

❑ Do not tolerate vinegar, citrus fruits, and white flour.

❑Feel best when you eat a more vegetarian diet.

❑ Often feel exhausted after vigorous exercise or very physical work.

❑ Often experience fatigue and lack of stamina.

❑ Are physically and mentally tired after an hour of deskwork.

❑ Are subject to frequent flus, colds, bronchitis, or sinusitis.

❑ Are susceptible to heartburn, canker sores, and food or environmental allergies. 

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Check to make sure you do not eat any of these harmful foods.

If you tend toward alkaline, it's likely that you:

❑ Have great physical endurance and can sprint up stairs easily.

❑ Are always on the go and full of energy.

❑ Need a few hours of sleep each night.

❑ Prefer highly active sports and gravitate toward high stress activities.

❑Feel bright and energized after a steak dinner.

❑ Are able to digest a wide variety of foods.

❑ Feel de-energized after a low protein, high carbohydrate meal.

❑ Typically have lots of energy in the midst of intense situations.

❑Are able to do deskwork for long hours at a time without becoming tired or losing mental clarity.

❑ Rarely get a cold or flu, and are free of allergies.

❑ Have a great digestive system.

❑ Are strong, with a large frame and big bones.

 If You are Overly Acidic

 I'm going to lay it right out on the table:

 If you're overly acidic, which describes more than 90 percent of the American population, the food you eat is a big part of the problem.

Knowing when it's enough

 The typical American diet is dominated by foods that are either highly acidic to begin with, or, once eaten, cause an acidic reaction within the body. This is likely to have contributed to your becoming acidic, and is definitely making it worse. And, because the acid/alkaline effects of foods are rarely, if ever, discussed by nutritionists and never included on labels, even "health nuts" are likely to find—to their great surprise—that some of the "healthy" food choices they make are not in their best interest, pH-wise.

 Once you become overly acidic, you're at increased risk for developing environmental allergies, food intolerances, digestive upsets, respiratory ailments, low bone density, immune problems, and fatigue issues.

 The more acidic you become, the faster you'll age, the older and more tired you'll look, and the bigger your health risks.

Dr Susan

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