Self Quiz: Are You Progesterone deficient?

Women who are in the transition to menopause or have entered menopause tend to be progesterone deficient. This can cause a variety of symptoms or contribute to health issues. You may want to review this checklist if you suspect that you are progesterone deficient.
If you answer yes to four or more of these questions, you very likely need to increase your progesterone levels. Check with your health care professional if you have any concerns or questions.  I also highly recommend reading my book My Patient Tested Program for a Healthy, Energetic, and Happy Menopause.  This is a most helpful and up-to-date guide on all natural solutions for menopause.


  • Are you age 45 or older?
  • Are you in perimenopause?
  • Are you in menopause?
  • Are you having hot flashes?
  • Has your desire for sex faded?
  • Do you have difficulty achieving orgasm?
  • Is your sleep quality poor?
  • Are you often unable to concentrate?
  • Are you unable to remain calm under stress?
  • Are you frequently tired?
  • Are you anxious and irritable?
  • Do you forget small details?
  • Do your joints/muscles ache?
  • Do you have osteoporosis?
  • Do you have a history of nerve damage?

For more information about perimenopause or menopause, see my book My Patient Tested Program for a Healthy, Energetic and Happy Menopause available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle and Womens Wellness Publishing.

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