Self Quiz: are you experiencing Menopause?

Before you see your doctor take the self evaluation test below

Dear Dr. Susan,

I am a forty year old woman and I have been given different information about menopause. Can you tell me is there a way I can self evaluate my condition so I can see if I need to see my doctor?


Dear Laurie,

During the transition into menopause and in the postmenopause, women commonly experience many uncomfortable symptoms, including changes in mood and energy level.

Many menopausal women have less energy and vitality than during their younger, reproductive years. Some women find that this affects their lifestyle and range of activities.

If you are experiencing symptoms related to menopause, it is important to have them evaluated by your health care professional.

My patients have also found my book on menopause incredibly helpful , My Patient Tested Program for a Healthy, Energetic and Happy Menopause. In it I touch on all the natural, safe and effective therapies for menopause that the medical community and research have found.

Also, do the self quiz below to evaluate your condition.

Menopause Self Quiz

Yes No
Cessation of menstruation ____ ____
Hot flashes ____ ____
Night sweats ____ ____
Vaginal dryness ____ ____
Skin and hair dryness ____ ____
Pain during sexual intercourse ____ ____
Decrease in sex drive ____ ____
Increase in frequency of vaginal infections ____ ____
Increase in urinary frequency ____ ____
Loss of urine when sneezing or coughing ____ ____
Increased frequency of urinary tract infections ____ ____
Anxiety, irritability, mood swings ____ ____
Depression, fatigue ____ ____
Poor mental acuity and concentration ____ ____
Insomnia ____ ____
Weight gain ____ ____
Poor muscle tone ____ ____
Increased muscle weakness ____ ____
Loss of muscle and bone mass ____ ____

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God bless, Laurie! And here's wishing you a wonderful month filled with love and warmth!

Dr Susan

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