Self Quiz: Are You a High-Alkaline Producer?

Individuals who are high-alkaline producers tend to have high levels of energy, physical strength, resistance to illness and better health. Their constitutions are more alkaline by nature, with healthier cells, tissues and organ systems. You may want to consult this checklist to see if you have the traits of a high-alkaline producer.

Performance Indicators
  • I am able to sprint up stairs.
  • I have great physical endurance.
  • I am always on the go and full of energy.
  • I need only a few hours of sleep each night.
  • I am in a position of leadership at work or in the community.
  • I prefer highly active sports and gravitate toward high-stress activities.
  • Feel bright and energized after a steak dinner.
  • I am able to digest a wide variety of foods.
  • I feel de-energized after a vegetarian meal.
  • I feel relaxed and healthy while leading a full life.
  • I typically have lots of energy in the midst of intense emotions and high drama.
  • I am able to do desk work for long hours at a time without becoming tired or losing mental clarity.
  • I have an optimistic nature and am always ready to begin something new.
  • I easily maintain an active social life.
  • I rarely get a cold or the flu.
  • I am free of allergies.
Physical Indicators
  • I have a stocky build and a large frame.
  • I am strong and large-boned.
  • I have well-developed muscles.

For more information about the effects of acid/alkaline conditions on health and wellness see Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle and Womens Wellness Publishing.

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