Protect Your Liver Through Colon Cleanses and Antioxidants

Excerpt from Dr. Susan Lark’s Complete Guide to Detoxification

You may want to consider using colon cleanses while going on a detoxification diet or doing a modified fast. Pick the colon-cleansing techniques that you are most comfortable with, and use them as frequently as your occupation and lifestyle permit. Many colon cleanses contain dietary fiber, clay and probiotics.

As you reduce your intake of toxins like alcohol or recreational drugs, your body will begin to try to eliminate these and other toxins that have been stored at the cellular level. The colon-cleansing techniques, in particular, will allow for the accelerated excretion of these toxins without the body having a healing crisis as the liver unloads toxins into the bloodstream and the small intestine. Colon cleanses are one of the most important things you can do while rebuilding your liver function.

The health of the liver also depends on having sufficient levels of antioxidants in the liver tissue to scavenge free radicals that interfere with liver functioning. A free radical is a type of oxygen molecule that freely moves inside cells, reacting with proteins, fats, and DNA, changing their structure and disrupting their functions.

Free radicals are generated by the metabolism of oxygen and other chemicals, including cigarette smoke, unsaturated fats, food additives, and environmental chemicals—and even by aerobic exercise. It is estimated that about 17 percent of our total oxygen consumption turns into free radicals. The process of detoxification itself also generates a certain amount of free radicals as by-products of the chemical reactions involved, and an accelerated detoxification process, such as that which occurs during a modified fast or cleansing program, will generate even higher levels of free radicals than normal. As a result, free radicals can cause an extreme amount of damage within our bodies.

Antioxidants help to protect us from free radical damage. Antioxidants unite with free radicals and deactivate them, preventing them from doing damage.

I recommend taking a broad spectrum multi-nutrient product which contains a wide assortment of antioxidants while doing a detoxification diet or while fasting. This will both support repair of the liver and help to restore optimal function of the liver. It is very important to support your liver with antioxidants supplements vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and selenium. The full range of B vitamins is also very important for liver function. High quality multi-nutrients that contain high levels of many of these antioxidants are readily available in health food stores and many supermarkets as well as through the internet.

You may also find it beneficial to do cleansing techniques, including dry brush massage, colon cleansing, and enemas. This will help in the elimination of toxins from the body. I discuss these along with many other detoxification therapies in my comprehensive book, Dr. Susan Lark’s Complete Guide to Detoxification available on Amazon, Amazon-Kindle, and Women’s Wellness Publishing.

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