Physical Exertion, Acid Build Up and How to Balance your pH for more Energy

The Best Tips on how to balance your body's pH

Alkalinizing Agents and Recreational Sports

Instead of the use of sodium bicarbonate for hard exertional exercise, which entails using a single and very substantial dose for a quick performance boost, most of us would benefit, instead, from taking more moderate doses periodically during an athletic event or on a day of strenuous physical activity.

You may find it useful to take moderate amounts of an alkalinizing agent before, during, and after an athletic event to reduce or prevent soreness and to increase endurance and stamina.

My alkaline savvy friends take a container full of an alkalinizing agent to sip on periodically during an athletic event or outing. You may find that these alkalinizing agents are beneficial for you, too.

The Dosage

The constant intake of small amounts of alkaline liquid, such as one half to one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or as a dilute solution of sodium and potassium bicarbonate (ranging from a 3:1 to a 4:1 ratio of sodium to potassium, depending on your tolerance for potassium), helps ward off fatigue caused by acid buildup due to the physical exertion.

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Make sure you do not eat any of these harmful foods.

Stressful Careers and the Alkaline Constitution

The necessity of maintaining an alkaline pH is important not just for sportsperformance but also for many other careers and endeavors that involve arduous schedules, stressful work conditions, long hours, and frequent travel demands.

Examples of such careers include emergency room physicians and nurses, upper and middle-managers of corporations, salespeople, investment bankers and brokers, and management consultants, as well as touring entertainers and musicians.

These professions do not necessarily demand muscular strength, but they do require a high level of physical energy and stamina.

How much phosphorous is needed?

High-alkaline producers have the edge here, just as they do in sports performance. Let's look at a few exceptional examples of individuals in unusually high-profile careers for which being a high alkaline producer is a virtual necessity.

Queen Victoria had the longest reign of any monarch in English history. She exemplified the physical stamina typical of high-alkaline producers. Victoria survived tremendous political upheavals and setbacks, including being the target of seven assassination attempts. She outlived her husband by several decades, and, by the time she died in 1901 and left the throne to her son, Edward VIII, he was already fifty-nine.

In addition to her obvious physical stamina and fortitude in the face of adversity, Queen Victoria also demonstrated her alkaline constitution by giving birth to nine children.

Knowing when it's enough

So you can see now how a constitution skewed toward alkalinity has many healthful benefits. This is why keeping your body in a more alkaline state will get you more healthful results.

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