Medical Ministry Training

rose_159160532The Medical School of Healing Training Program

God is currently guiding Dr. Richards to develop two groundbreaking medical ministry projects to bring His healing to many millions of people. God has given Dr. Richards a mission to develop the first Medical School of Healing Training Program in the United States. Her program will equip students from every background to become exceptional healers who experience supernatural miracle healings from God while praying for the sick. The goal of the program is to train many healers to walk in the love and power of God while ministering to the sick and enable them to see healing miracles on a constant basis. She has also seen people’s lives totally transformed and blessed by God in every area through her ministry.

This is the first healing ministry program in the U.S. to combine training in God’s intricate design of the human body along with our exceptional ministry classes. Our healing ministry training program will equip students to become incredible healers who experience supernatural miracle healings from God while praying for the sick and seeing lives transformed in the Spirit.

The program will provide the students with medical knowledge of the structure and function of the human body as well as the causes, presentation and treatment of many illnesses. This has been designed just for healers and is taught by highly credentialed and Spirit-filled medical doctors and other medical professionals and will enable our students to be more effective in their healing ministry. Students will also receive training in natural health so that they can support people recovering from illness in following a healthy lifestyle to better maintain their health and wellness.

In addition, our students will study many Spirit-based healing techniques including healing prayer, foundation of supernatural, healing miracles of the sick and injured and healing through the Holy Spirit as well as many other beneficial and exciting classes. They will be equipped to help promote healing of illness and injuries through the power and love of God. Finally, we offer a series of very beneficial classes to help “heal the healers” so that our graduates go out into the community as healers who are physically strong and healthy and emotionally grounded in their identity in Christ. This will enable them to best impart loving, joy-filled and very effective healing to the sick and injured as well as see lives transformed and blessed by God.

The school program welcomes everyone, no matter your background, and will begin classes in mid-April 2016. The program is very flexible and students can take the certification requirements and receive ordination and certification in Healing Ministry or simply take classes that they are interested in. You can either take one or a few classes of your choice or complete the entire program. Classes are available through classroom learning, live stream or video learning, depending on your needs.

This incredible program will transform your life and strengthen your relationship with God whether your goal is to minister to the sick or apply the incredible resources from the program to your career of choice and in every area of your life, you will be blessed by our program.

If you are interested in attending the Medical School of  Healing Training Program, please send an email with your contact information and a little about your interests and background to We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you to our program.

  • jason Bocanegra says:

    I am a christian with a strong desire to see people physically and emotionally healed.
    God has healed people i have prayed for. But i want alot more knlwledge and understanding

    Thank you
    Jason Bocanegra 408-202-1586


    I am a licensed minister and I have gone to the School of Supernatural, ministered in the Healing rooms in Oakland, Ca. for about 5/6 years. I am familiar with Bethel and Bill Johnson. I have gone to Redding Healing rooms. I am part of Glory Of Zion ministry in Denton Tx., under Chuck Pierce. Minister with another person in what is called a House of Zion. I have also gone to classed on deliverance. I have also gone to school for SOZO training under Bill and Carol Dew. I am interested in your school. Thank you for your time.

  • Nam Mao says:

    I would like to have more info about the Medical Ministry training, such as how much it charge for each class, and or a Certificate.

  • Thomas & Isther Harang says:

    We have been believers in Jesus Christ for over 40 years. We both a doctorate diploma from Wagner Leadership Institute in Practical Theology and we both believe that God is both able and willing to heal his people.

    We both have interest in praying for others and in personal healing.

    Please advise of when and where in person classing begin and cost associated with live streaming. Are there any conferences planned.

    Thomas & Isther Harang

  • Elizabeth Joy says:

    Please send me the hot line info . thank you so much

  • Rebecca Quintela-Smith says:

    I am interested in your training; I sent a previous email.

  • Joanna Haynes says:

    I am currently an elementary teacher and have taught 3rd grade for 4 years. I love prayer and have a strong desire to see people healed.

  • i would like more information on training with this program.

  • Gary D. Smith says:

    I was led to look at Jubilee Christian Center and while looking for information, found Dr Susan’s talk on her healing ministry on 8/14/16. I was touched by what she shared. From what I gathered, Dr Susan started her ministry about 7 years ago. God started speaking to me about moving into my mission for Him at that time also, however I have been struggling to discover my mission. When I asked Jesus in 2009 what He had for me, His response was that I should quit my job in the hi-tech field. I finally quit my job at Oracle last year and now I’m struggling again to find the mission God has for me. In addition, I’ve heard through a men’s discipleship team that I need to minister to my wife and I’m at a loss as to how to do that also. I believe that is holding up my mission for God.
    I’m hoping that I may be able to find and understand God’s mission for me and it seems like this ministry may be able to lead me in the right direction. My first thought was that if I could speak to Dr Susan and could see how she progressed into her ministry, that I could learn how to proceed myself. I don’t know if that is the right course of action and don’t want to presume that I would deserve that honor. It seems to me that a next logical step for me is to pursue something in the medical profession; specifically a friend has suggested that I train with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE), which I have been hesitant to do once I began completing the application. This ministry feels like it is better suited to my expected mission and I’m sure you have a qualification process to determine if I am capable for this kind of mission.
    Thank you for your time in reviewing this and if you want more information, please let me know and I will answer your questions as transparently as I can.
    Gary D. Smith
    (925) 324-7813

  • I am a massage therapist who has clients in the Sub-acute floor of Seton hospital. I work with brain injuries and comatose patients. God is speaking to my heart about starting prayer there. It sounds like your training could be right up my alley.

  • daniel says:

    today I attended your medical healing services.
    when you said your area going to start an internship for medical healing class, it holds my mind. I just want to attend the training.

  • Andria Kelley-DeBose says:

    I am very interested in attending your school. I am a 2012 Shiloh Oakland Bible College graduate. I serve communion and I am an Intercessor at the church. I sing in the choir. I am also a Administrator, Evangelist, Praise and Worshipper.
    I have taken bible classes since 2001 and sung in the church choir since I was 16. I am a young 54yrs. old now :). I’ve been praying for another bible college to attend because I was short of 2 classes of obtaining my B.A degree when Shiloh’s bible college closed down.
    I currently work full-time with Alameda County in the Maternal, Paternal, Child and Adolescent Health Unit, San Leandro, CA

  • Yea-Lian Huang says:

    Dear Dr. Richards

    I’m a member of the Forerunner Christian Church. Thank you very much for visiting our church yesterday (12/17/16) to share your gift of healing. I was very impressed by God’s miracle works and your testimonies. I’m very interested in your healing traing program and would like to obtain more information about the program.

    Currently I’m working as a clinical pharmacist at Kaiser Hospital. I hope in the near future, I can be equipped to serve people who are ill and in need.

    Thank you!💕

    🙏 Blessings🌟

    Yea Lian Huang😊

    • Yea-Lian Huang says:

      Dear Dr. Richards

      I’m a member of the Forerunner Christian Church. Thank you very much for visiting our church yesterday (12/17/16) to share your gift of healing. I was very impressed by God’s miracle works and your testimonies. I’m very interested in your healing traing program and would like to obtain more information about the program.

      Currently I’m working as a clinical pharmacist at Kaiser Hospital. I hope in the near future, I can be equipped to serve people who are ill and in need.

      Thank you!💕

      🙏 Blessings🌟

      Yea Lian Huang😊

  • Molica Hsu says:

    I am in the healing ministries for many years first as mental health clinician and later into pryer ministry for inner healing as well as physical healing. My husband is an ordained pastor for 35 years , i had been working with him at our church in NJ. and in China. As I watched and listen to Dr. Susan Richards messages and prayers, I was so moved and felt that if I can be better equipped , especially in the knowledge and understanding of how our brain function etc. Then more people can be healed, since I am Chinese background, I can speak Mandarin also. Therefore I am asking you to tell me how can I received the training ?

  • Jenn Cayanan says:

    I am currently an RN but was praying for a program like yours to exist🙂❤. I am interested in the healing program and want to learn more. Is there opportunity for nurses here as well..?

  • Ariana & Hannah says:

    My name is Hannah, my friend Ariana and I are very much interested to take the classes. Ariana’s mentor is Bonnie Brooks Bajarin at Venture Christian Church.

    I need to go back to Seattle this Thursday (2/23). Do you think we can meet with you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

    Ariana’s personal healing process confirms your teaching.

    Looking forward to seeing you.


  • Susan Zhang says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am interested in attending the Medical School of Healing Training Program. I would love to get my hands on practical prayer training of healing, and witness the healing miracles from God.

    I would like to get more information and get touch base with you. Thanks.

  • Hannah Fu says:

    Hi Dr. Susan,

    Heard about you and your program from a friend. I am a biologist and a minister.

    Working at a Gospel center that is serving the Chinese Immigrants in the Bay Area.
    Very interested in your program


  • yin lim says:

    my father has stroke and I am interested in learning your healing program. any location in los angeles area can I visit. or contact inf may help.

  • Destiny Prezzato says:

    Interested in tye medical healing field

  • Ariana Liang-Barlow says:

    I would like to have the training schedule and I would like to attend one. Please let me know how can I apply the training.

  • Oleg olzoev says:

    Hello dear friends!
    I would like you to pray for my sister in Lord. Her names is Adel. She is living in Canada. Her husband leave her for another woman. She is along with 2 children. And she is suffering a cancer. 13 of april 2017 surgeon operation is sceduled. Would you please pray for her healing and family restoration. Thank you, dear friends. Praise to God forever!

  • Meg says:


    I’d love more information about the training. I believe this may be my path.
    I’m a Nurse Specialist in San Jose.
    How wonderful that I had a happenstance conversation yesterday. And how wonderful to find this program is local in the Bay Area.

    Thank you.

  • Rebecca says:

    I am interested; I am a Licensed Psychologist & Ordained Minister : I do independent ministry and I would love some more formal training in how
    to flow in healing; everything I know has come through the holy spirit and
    of faith; I am opening my own healing room.

    I see that you have classes you offer; I am interested in a short term

  • Antoinette Martinez says:

    I have been a criminal defense lawyer since 1996. I have experienced a declining since of satisfaction and utilization in my ability to have a voice and make a difference in the field of law with each passing year. I believe lawyers are healers at heart. However, I have a broader view now of the instruments of healing, and believe that the most effective tool is through God’s healing first. I am on a path of exploration and transitioning to a new career, with healing as a key component, and would like to participate in this training as my foundation. I have traveled on short-term missions, and intend to return to Africa where I have sponsored the education of three children since 2013. When I return, I would to be stronger in my ministry work, and of greater assistance to others. I am excited about the work you are doing, and want to learn more.

  • Michelle Pritchard says:

    I am currently attending community college. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 8 and have been battling the effects my whole life. God told me in 2012 that He will geal me and I’ve been dtanding on that word since then and until the healing manifests. Revival broke out in my church this year and I asked God to give me direction for my life. He asked me “what do you want to do?” I said ” I want to be a missionary and bring the hope and love of the Father around the world. I want to heal people and see people get touched by God and set free. ” I immediately thought of praying for people in a doctors office. There’s still so much more that Gof put on my heart, but God asked me what my desire was and so He showed me where to go.

  • Tammy Hatch says:

    Hi Dr. Susan, I would like to attend your school and also your healing center and become part of your team. I have been healing the sick already with miracles captured on film and have seen some smaller miracles but i know there is more to learn in order to see the bigger miracles. I was at Martin’s house on October 6 but had to leave early.

  • >