Lipstick: Are you or your children putting poison on your lips?

Lead on Our Lips! Are you exposed to lead poisoning?

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (www. recently tested 33 lipsticks, with brands ranging from drugstore to designer, to determine the amount of lead present in each of them. In their report, "A Poison Kiss: The Problem of Lead in Lipstick," they reveal that 20 of the lipsticks tested contained lead, with amounts ranging from 0.03-0.65 parts per million.

The report indicates that lead in lipstick is a tremendous cause for concern since lipstick is ingested in the same way as anything else we eat. According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, lead has been shown to cause all of the following problems: learning, language, and behavioral issues; physiological development problems; nerve disorders; reduced fertility; and hormone irregularities.

Though the amounts in the lipsticks are not huge, lead does accumulate in the body, and the continuous use of lipstick containing lead could eventually cause enough of a buildup to constitute lead poisoning.

(In case you want to detox from the build up of chemicals in your body you can read this article.) 

My Take on Lipstick Lead Build Up: 

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition of women's, public health, labor, environmental health, and consumer-rights groups, whose goal is to get cosmetics and personal care companies to stop using dangerous chemicals in their products and to replace them with safer alternatives.

I fully support this mission and, in fact, have chosen to offer my readers makeup made by Lavera, one of the companies that has signed the organization's Compact for Safe Cosmetics—a pledge to keep toxic chemicals out of their products.

The sheer level of chemicals and toxins we are unknowingly exposed to in our daily lives is really quite shocking and upsetting.

The dangerous effects of lead on children and adults of all ages have been known for years. Even very low levels of lead are dangerous for babies, children, and unborn babies since their maturing bodies are still incredibly susceptible to outside influences.

Could unknowingly be harming your unborn child?

So, a pregnant or nursing mother who innocently wears lipstick every day could unknowingly be harming her child.

And in older people, lead affects cognition and can even contribute to serious conditions like osteoarthritis and bone loss.

Luckily, sulfur binds to heavy metals such as lead so that they can be eliminated from the body. Therefore, people who don't have enough sulfur in their bodies are especially sensitive to the toxic effects of lead.

But supplementing with sulfur com-pounds can naturally restore the body's ability to bind to heavy metals and escort them out through the urine or stool. I recommend using N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and SAMe.

NAC enhances urinary excretion of heavy metals, and SAMe reduces the toxic effects of lead and enhances the enzymes that support liver detoxification and the binding of lead in the bile for elimination. I advise that all women get tested for the presence of heavy metals.

 If test results show that you have heavy metal toxicity, I suggest taking up to 1,200 mg of NAC daily or 400 mg of SAMe three to four times a day with meals.

For prevention and general health, I recommend 600 mg of NAC daily or 200-400 mg of SAMe twice a day with meals.

► Miracle Mineral Solution ( When "activated" (using a 1:5 solution of vinegar and lemon juice, or a 10 percent solution of citric acid), this solution delivers chlorine dioxide, a powerful oxidizing agent, into the body.

This not only boosts your immune function and destroys pathogens, but also helps to oxygenate your cells, thereby making energy production more efficient.

The taste of this liquid may not be palatable to all, so I suggest that you take it with a little bit of V8 vegetable juice or prune juice.

I hope I've been able to provide some good solutions to boost your energy levels.

Dr Susan

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