Impact of emotional balance on whole body health

How is emotional pain affecting your acid-alkali balance?

Dear Friend,

Most of us have certain quirks or traits that we wish we didn't have, and sometimes they have a profound effect on the way we respond to stressors or problems in our lives.

Some of us respond to challenges by getting anxious and afraid, while others get frustrated, angry, or feel helpless. Sometimes these responses can go to an extreme level, where they actually affect how we react to issues in general.

For example, "Louise" has always had very low self-esteem and a tendency toward depression. This was significantly aggravated the past few years as she was going through a divorce from her husband of 22 years.

It was especially difficult due to the fact that during their separation, her husband started a new relationship, got engaged, and moved his new fiancée into the home that he and Louise had shared.

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As you can imagine, this was incredibly devastating to Louise and had a significant impact on her self-esteem. To deal with her severe depression, she began eating a lot of unhealthy comfort foods and, as a result, gained nearly 30 pounds.

As the divorce reached its final stages, Louise found that her low self-esteem and depression was seriously affecting every aspect of her life. For instance, the idea of dating again was intimidating. She felt that she was so overweight that no man would ever find her attractive.

So while she wanted to meet a new man, she lacked the self-confidence to get out there and date. She also wanted to make a change in her career, but she had a really hard time initiating job searches. She even started to pull back from her friends.

How does anxiety and stress affect your health?

"Jamie," on the other hand, has had difficulty battling severe anxiety and insomnia.

She recently retired from a successful 30-year career as a realtor, mainly due to the slowdown of the real estate market. Shortly after she left her job, her husband was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo surgery and treatment.

This meant that he was also unable to work, which put a big strain on their retirement income and budget. Given her personal circumstances, Jamie's anxiety and insomnia have gotten much worse over the past few months.

Louise and Jamie are far from alone. Every day, women have difficulty dealing with both big life changes and day-to-day stresses.

For most women, exercise and nutritional and dietary therapies help—but for some, they don't suffice. And while other women find relief by taking medication, drugs are not for everyone and carry many side effects.

Create Emotional Balance for Whole-Body Health

Emotions can affect your body chemistry, your function and even the structure of your cells and tissues. When your emotions are positive and uplifting, they give you a truly wonderful quality of life

But when you focus on negative emotions such as fear or anger, they can cause misalignment, chaos, and dysfunction in your life and health.

Almost every one of us overreacts to stressful situations and suffers from emotional discomfort at one time or another, and it can take a significant toll on our health and quality of life. But, when you pray frequently and read the word of God, you will be uplifted and blessed by the Lord.  By having faith and trust in God, no one has to live with chronic emotional upset and the imbalances that it creates in your body and mind.

Here are two enormous problems that are often ignored in medicine care. These are:

1.     how to reduce stress levels and

2.     how to provide good solutions to the need for deep relaxation.

True relaxation always seems to favor the fortunate few who can afford to have a stress free and relaxing life and meditate for many carefree hours. But for those who have children, grandchildren, aging parents, careers, and other responsibilities, such unencumbered time not possible

And, while I often recommend deep relaxation for emotional balancing, I've always understood that even in a peaceful, quiet setting, most multitasking women have a hard time shutting off their minds and sitting still for 20 minutes. Most of us need help to remove and release deeply held stress from our nervous systems.

9 Practical Approaches to Relaxation & Relieving Stress

Happily, there are many enjoyable and relaxing activities that you can do on a daily basis to de-stress and create energetic and emotional balance:

♦ Exercise is one of the best stress reducers out there. Take a walk in the fresh air every day, or engage in other activities like bicycling, Pilates, or dancing.

♦Take a nice long bath using calming essential oils like lavender. Lavender has profound stress-reducing benefits. There are a few lavender oils you can try but I like the Avo Essentials Lavender oil. But any of the other reputable brands would do just as well. This other one, 00% Pure Organic Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil,  also had a lot of satisfied customers although I have not tried it myself.

One study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing tested the ability of aromatherapy and massage to reduce stress and anxiety. Researchers looked at 122 patients who had been admitted to general ICU. Patients received either massage, lavender oil, or a period of rest. Only the patients who received the lavender reported a significant improvement in mood and anxiety level.

♦Try deep breathing. Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose. Allow your lungs and abdomen to naturally expand. Then exhale deeply, letting your stomach and chest collapse.

If you need more tips and techniques on good breathing exercises you can check out my book, Breathing Meditations.


Visualization transports your mind to a calm and peaceful place, free from stress and anxiety. Close your eyes and create a soothing and relaxing picture in your mind. Try to make the image as detailed as possible. Just visualize and relax.

Hebrews: 11:27

By faith he left Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured, as seeing Him who is unseen.

♦ Laugh and smile...a lot! Doing both releases "feel good" endorphins in your body, which can eliminate stress and help you relax.

Nehemiah 8:10

And do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.’

♦ Practice unconditional love and forgiveness. Harboring resentment automatically sets up a stress reaction. Try to release your negative feelings. It may be difficult to do, but it's definitely worth trying.

 Jeremiah 31:3 “The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness.”

♦Nurture your spirituality.

Church-going, prayer, and other devotional practices can help bring a great sense of peace during times of anxiety and stress.

♦Try calming and balancing herbs, such as Rhodiola rosea (if it is between 50-100 mg use three times a day, standardized to one percent salidrosides, or 40-50 percent phenylpropenoids).

Dr Susan

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