How to Overcome & Rid Chronic Stress Naturally & Easily

Stress tends to worsen virtually every health problem & illness!

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One of the biggest links to disease and ill health that I've seen in over three decades of patient care is chronic stress. I don't mean the little daily irritations of life, like running late for appointments or for-getting to buy rolls at the supermarket.

What I'm talking about are the ongoing stresses and discord that cause unhappiness and blockages in the most important areas of our lives.

My patients have shared many stories with me over the years of their own personal stresses that have contributed to ill health and diminished quality of life—unhappy and dissatisfying relationships with their significant other, family members, friends, and co-workers; persistent financial stresses due to job loss; poor paying jobs; uncomfortable living situations; and severe illness to name but a few of the major life issues.

In all of these cases, my patients felt stuck and helpless, even though many of them had tried counseling, therapy, and other interventions. Invariably, their health problems worsened when these issues were "acting up" in their lives.

In fact, stress tends to worsen virtually every health issue, from hot flashes, menstrual bleeding, chronic pain, and arthritis-related stiffness to poor digestive function.

(Also stress may be related to lack of sleep, so if you have sleep problems my post on how to get a good night's sleep may be helpful.)

This is obviously not a new observation.

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Over 80 percent of illness is stress related

Research studies have found that over 80 percent of illness is stress related. It is not, however, the stress itself that is the issue.

We all have stresses in our lives. What bothered my patients most was their inability to find new, creative, and effective ways to transform these stressful situations into love, happiness, financial well-being, or whatever positive outcome they desired.

Does any of this sound familiar? How do you react when circumstances abruptly toss you out of your comfort zone? If you have a good solution strategy, you probably solve problems easily and move on quickly. Otherwise, you probably stay focused on the problem and get stuck and even more frustrated, causing an out-of-control downward spiral effect.

(Incidentally I have quiz you can try to see how you handle stress here.)

Steps to get rid of stress & anxiety

The question is, what should you do about it?

In this post I talked about the cure to anxiety and stress.

I want to share with you one of my favorite breathing meditations. When I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the busyness of my day, I like to stop and take a “breath break.”

I recommend that you take time each day to relax for a few minutes and do this breathing exercise if you are feeling stressed. It will help restore a sense of peace and calm to your life, reduce tiredness and fatigue and create more energy and vitality in every cell of your body.

- Inhale deeply. As you breathe in, allow your stomach to relax so that the air flows into your abdomen. Let your stomach expand as you breathe in. Visualize the lowest parts of your lungs filling up with air.

- Imagine that the air you are breathing in is filled with peace and calm. A sensation of peacefulness and calm is filling every cell of your body. Your whole body feels warm and relaxed as you breathe in this air. Now, exhale deeply. As you breathe out, imagine the air being pushed out from the bottom of your lungs to the top.

- Repeat this sequence until your entire body feels relaxed and energized. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of deep, slow breathing.

You can check out my Stretching Exercises Book for more ideas and suggestions.

Dr Susan

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