Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): Long term risks & How to avoid them

Common Signs of Menopause: Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Anxiety... 

In the next few posts I will discuss the possible side effects and the long –term risks of HRT—Hormone Replacement Therapy.

(If you are unsure about your condition you can take this self-quiz to verify if you are experiencing menopause.)

HRT has been a confusing and sensitive issue for many of my women patients and it requires as in depth discussion.

One of my patients, "Renata," is a typical example of a patient who needed accurate information on HRT.

When she came to me for a menopause consultation, she placed a newspaper article on my desk that discussed conventional HRT and the risk of breast cancer.

She was 54 and had moderately severe menopause symptoms, including five to six episodes of hot flashes a day, night sweats two to three times per week, anxiety and jitters, and difficulty concentrating on her work. Her regular physician recommended that she begin a course of conventional HRT, but Renata was not enthusiastic about this treatment option.

She found it quite upsetting to read about the increased risk of breast cancer with the use of HRT. Her own mother had died of breast cancer at age 60 and she herself had a long history of benign breast disease.

Clearly, women like Renata need a different approach from what traditional medicine has had to offer. They need and deserve safe, effective options for balancing and restoring their own unique brand of hormones.

Your own hormones can become healthier and better balanced!

And now they have one, I have been developing very powerful programs and protocols to help women restore and support their own optimal hormone production and hormone balance, no matter what their age. In doing so, your own hormones become much healthier and better balanced so that you are less likely to need HRT.

If you do use HRT, you are much more likely to need significantly lower doses.

In creating these programs, I divided women into three groups.

The first included younger women who were estrogen dominant and suffered from conditions like PMS, menstrual cramps, fibroid tumors, endometriosis, benign breast disease, and heavy and/or irregular periods.

The second and third groups included women in menopause who were hormone deficient and had low estrogen levels.

Some women in menopause are more prone to anxiety; thin, dry hair, nails, skin, and other issues; night sweats, hot flashes; vaginal dryness; osteoporosis; and sore joints.

While other women in the change are more prone to suffer from excess weight and/or difficulty losing weight; fluid retention; low sex drive; poor mental acuity; lack of energy and zest for life; and osteoarthritis.

Balance is the key to great health!

In my practice I have focused on specific diets for menopausal women depending on their hormonal and body make-up. (Refer to my article "Natural alternatives to conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT)"—to read more about foods that work best for balancing estrogen click here. You will also find my Estrogen book helpful.)

Regardless of which hormonal and body make-up type you fall into, there are several key, targeted nutrients you can use to bring yourself back into the mid-range of health and well-being.

When you reach this place of greater balance, you will notice that your symptoms will begin to recede and eventually disappear altogether.

You'll have renewed energy, great skin and hair, optimal weight, strong mental focus, and improved overall health and well-being. In short, you will feel the way a person in balance feels—happier, stronger, more energized, and in love with life.

You can reach this mid-range of healthy balance by using my program to restore your own "brand" of hormones and bring you into better hormonal balance. 

In my next post I will discuss in depth my all-natural hormone support plan that involves, the use of several different nutrients called phytoestrogens that have been shown to mimic estrogen in terms of their symptom relief.

Until next time, may your weeks ahead be full of sunshine and love!

Dr Susan

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