Hibiscus Flower for Beauty

flower8Did you know that extracts of the beautiful, exotic hibiscus flower have wonderful cosmetic benefits for your hair and skin?

Hibiscus has both astringent and moisturizing properties so helps to firm and lift the skin as well as make it look more moist and dewy. It also helps to smooth away wrinkles, leaving your skin softer and more youthful looking.

Its natural properties make hibiscus very useful for both oily or dry skin and hair. Hibiscus also contains mucilage, a slippery plant extract that is helpful in treating skin conditions like eczema, rashes and dry skin. It is gentle enough to use even on a baby’s skin and hair.

Hibiscus also promotes healthy scalp and shiny hair. Extracts of hibiscus promote healthy hair growth and stops hair loss by strengthening hair at the root. It improves hair volume, making the hair smooth, shiny and more full.

Hibiscus is available as an extract in many skin and hair care products. You can even add hibiscus to your shampoo for shiny hair. Love, Dr. Susan

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