Happiness Improves Your Health and Wellness

rose_159160532Did you know that feeling happy will give a wonderful boost to your health and wellness?

Happy people have stronger immunity, more energy and greater resistance to disease. You will heal more quickly from accidents, injuries and even surgery when you have a happy and positive state of mind. Here are some great tips to help you go through each day in a positive mood.

– Be grateful for the many things that you already have. Start each day by counting your blessings or make a list of all of the positive things in your life. You will be amazed how many things, both little and big you are already blessed with. Cultivate a feeling of appreciation for all that God has given you.

– Face your challenges and issues with an optimistic, can-do attitude rather than as struggles and problems. Always look for positive solutions; come up with new fresh ideas to create successful outcomes. This will help to banish chronic worry and concerns and keep your attitude happy and optimistic.

– Treat other people with love, caring and kindness. Look at people’s positive attributes rather than their faults. This will greatly increase your own happiness and peace of mind.

– Read the Bible, spiritual and inspirational books and listen to tapes, CDs and programs that contain positive, uplifting messages and will feed your mind and thoughts in a positive, life-affirming manner. Avoid too much negativity from television and Internet stories that focus on negative events and violence. Your mind and thoughts will be much happier from giving it such tender loving care.

About the Author

Best selling author and national speaker Dr. Susan has sold over 2 million books on health & wellness. She has appeared on numerous national and regional radio and television shows and has been featured in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. She has Served on the clinical faculty of Stanford University School of Medicine and taught in their Division of Family and Community Medicine. Dr. Richards became an ordained Christian minister in 2009 and, within a year, she began doing hospital ministry in the ICU's, critical care and rehabilitation units in the San Francisco area community three times a week. Her ministry is based on the supernatural healing power of God and Jesus Christ and she has seen many miraculous healings of seriously ill patients. The ministry receives over 20,000 prayer requests for healing each week which are answered by their faithful and devoted prayer team. She is currently developing the first Medical and Health Ministry Training Program of Supernatural Healing in the United States. Her medical ministry is at medschoolhealing.com