Are EMF Harmful? Wifi Dangers & Health Risks To Consider

Shocking Facts About the Health Dangers of WiFi

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Several months ago, after moving into her new apartment, "Jenny" began to suffer from headaches, increased muscle tension, and short-term memory loss that caused her to have difficulty remembering people's names, dates, and appointments.

Her sleep habits, which had been an issue for about seven years as she began to notice shifts in her hormonal pattern, became worse. Instead of sleeping for six or seven hours a night, her sleep became more fitful and she woke up several times at night.

As a result, she felt tired and groggy throughout the day. She was mystified by her symptoms and sought medical care, but her physician couldn't find any cause for these complaints.

Perhaps some of Jenny's symptoms sound similar to symptoms you've been experiencing, but you're not sure why, either. In fact, this scenario is more common than you might realize. Every day, women all over the U.S. go through medical evaluation and lab testing and never find the cause of their symptoms.

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And they are often put on a variety of medications that they don't need and that don't really bring them significant relief. In Jenny's case, her symptoms were finally traced to pollution from electromagnetic frequencies from cell phone tower radiation.

Did you ever think that the cell phone tower down the street might be a health hazard to you? Or would you ever have imagined that your computer and your alarm clock could disrupt not only your energy level, but also your emotional well-being, your sleep patterns, and many other components of your body chemistry such as your hormones?

The problem is, they do, because electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is becoming increasingly common. As a physician, I am very concerned about this issue and have been for many years. Because if EMF is harmful, and constant WiFi exposure is wrecking people's health we need to carefully evaluate the path all of us are journeying along.

WiFi Dangers Research

The research documenting the dangers of EMR continues to increase as more and more health issues linked to it are being identified. It is crucial that you become aware of this health hazard so that you can take steps to identify and treat symptoms arising from it, or prevent problems from even occurring in the first place.

I am going to discuss provocative research that shows how dangerous EMR can be to your health and hormones, and the steps that you can take to shield yourself from it.

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The Dangers of the Digital Era

The potential risks of EMR were debated decades ago, when children who were raised near high-voltage power lines were thought to have a higher incidence of leukemia.

Studies eventually proved a solid link between the EMR given off by those power lines and childhood leukemia, but the debate flared up again when cell phones came onto the scene and the incidence of brain cancer seemed higher in cell phone users.

Eventually, studies demonstrated real, dire health risks. Scientists used to believe that the only radiation that posed a health risk was what's called thermal radiation, which is radiation with energy high enough to heat up the tissues. The EMR from power lines, cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi computer systems, TV and computer monitors, appliances, bedside digital clock radios, blow dryers, and other electronics is too low to heat tissues, so it's called sub-thermal.

Taking its cue from the scientific community, the U.S. government declared EMR to be safe.

Now we know better.

In fact, according to many scientists, subthermal EMR (now called electropollution) may turn out to be one of our worst environmental health hazards. It has been linked to such diseases as leukemia, brain tumors, inner ear tumors, Lou Gehrig's disease, Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer, accelerated aging, and depression.

How Electropollution Harms

Every single cell in the human body is encased in a cell membrane. The cell membrane is studded with receptors that decide what can enter the cell (such as nutrients that act as fuel) and what can leave (such as the waste products of metabolism).

The movement of chemical "messengers" such as sodium ions and calcium ions into and out of cells is also how cells communicate with each other. Intercellular communication governs every single bodily function.

Is There Proof That EMF Causes Cancer Cell Growth?

It alerts the immune system when a pathogen invades, for example. And it tells the brain when carbon dioxide in the blood has gotten too high and it's time to inhale.

Manmade electropollution, which easily penetrates our tissues, is completely foreign to our cells. Cell membranes respond precisely how they should when invaded by something foreign: They shut down, allowing nothing in or out. This is called the cellular stress response, and it cuts the affected cell off from communication with the rest of the body. With the cell on lockdown, toxins and wastes can't get out and nutrients can't get in.

Free radicals accumulate inside the cell, cellular energy declines, and the stage is set for premature aging, degenerative diseases, DNA damage, and cancer-causing mutations, all from electropollution that's way below current government-set "safety" limits (as seen in the publication Bioelectromagnetics).

Electropollution is also an endocrine disruptor, interfering with the secretion and action of several hormones, including melatonin, which is secreted by the pineal gland.

In addition to regulating the sleep/wake cycle, melatonin is one of the body's most powerful natural antioxidants and free-radical scavengers, and it strengthens the immune system's ability to fight cancer. In addition, melatonin inhibits the release of estrogen, thereby suppressing estrogen-sensitive cancers such as breast cancer.

It also makes breast cancer chemotherapy work better and softens chemo's side effects, plus it directly stops breast cancer cells from growing. 

On top of all that, studies show that melatonin improves thyroid function. Electropollution interferes with all of these functions. In fact, in the laboratory, breast cancer cells that had stopped growing because they had been treated with melatonin started growing again when exposed to electropollution.

As a result, women in jobs with high electropollution, such as electrical engineers, mainframe computer technicians, telephone installers, and power line workers, are at higher risk of dying from breast cancer. And men with those jobs have a breast cancer risk that's six times higher than in the general male population.

And, regardless of career, after almost 20 years of cell phone use, the risk of certain brain cancers for both sexes doubles (Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy; Surgical Neurology).

So how can you protect yourself from electropollution and its harmful effects?

We will discuss this all important topic in tomorrow’s post, so keep your ears tuned!

Dr Susan

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