Eating Out: Choosing Alkaline Foods In Restaurants

Choosing Less Acidic/More Alkaline Meals in Restaurants

Traditionally, people have chosen mostly highly acidic dishes and entrees when eating in restaurants. Luckily, all-American fare such as the 16 oz. porterhouse steak, French fries, and rich, sugary desserts, and French cuisine with its heavy butter- and cream-based sauces or even hamburgers or pizzas and coke have been replaced or supplemented in many restaurants by lighter, healthier, and less acidic, more alkaline dishes. 

(If you feel you are overly acidic read this post on "How to reduce factors to increase your over-acidity" and make you prone to diseases.)

This is true both in American restaurants and in those serving ethnic cuisines. The important thing is to know which dishes on the menu represent the less acidic, more alkaline options and to select a variety of such dishes when dining out.

Most restaurants are willing to make up vegetarian entrees and platters at your request, even if they are not on the menu. So be armed with the facts and dine with wisdom.

How Overly Acidic and Naturally Alkaline People Can Dine Well Together

Married couples and members of the same family can have different acid-alkaline constitutions and may require different food choices. One spouse may be overly acidic while the other is a high-alkaline producer. Children's acid-alkaline balance may differ from that of their parents. 

This same issue can also arise when socializing with friends or business associates. Since the standard American diet is so prevalent, overly acidic people will often try to keep up with their more alkaline spouse or friend, much to their detriment.

It is important to eat according to the needs of your basic constitution: You will feel better and maintain your health more readily if you stick to the diet best suited to your pH needs.

This is not as difficult as you might expect. When cooking at home, overly acidic and more alkaline individuals can share soups, salads, vegetable dishes, and starches. Their entrées, however, may differ. A more alkaline individual may choose to eat meat as an entrée much more frequently and often in larger portions. Remember, high-alkaline producers need to do this to maintain their level of energy. Overly acidic people should choose grain- and legume-based entrées instead with occasional servings of fish and poultry eaten in smaller amounts.

Diners have no control over the ingredients used in a dish or even the types of dishes offered.

Restaurant dining is somewhat easier when people with different acid-alkaline constitutions eat together, because a restaurant menu normally contains many more dishes than are prepared for one meal at home. 

On the negative side, diners have no control over the ingredients used in dishes or even the types of dishes offered.

While your naturally alkaline dining partner may choose to order a highly vinegary antipasti followed by steak with a glass of red wine and an apple tart for dessert, an overly acidic person can put together a tasty and varied meal by ordering a vegetable soup, salad, and several vegetable side dishes or rice-based dishes or fish as an entree. This allows for great flexibility in both ordering and eating.

And if you and your dining partner are willing to share your dishes, all the better. When you order a broccoli and beef dish in a Chinese restaurant, for example, the acidic diner can eat most of the broccoli while the alkaline one eats most of the beef.

May your weeks ahead be full of sunshine and love!

Dr Susan

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