The Medical Ministry is the first healing and training program that combines the study of God’s natural design of the human body and the study and practice of God’s supernatural power. In our short two years of ministry we have witnessed hundreds of miracle healing from total recovery from terminal cancers, to comatose patients who revived miraculously, to even a few incidences of those who came back from the dead. (You can listen to these testimonies here to learn more about these miracles and a sampling of our teaching.)

It is our vision that the Medical Ministry will one day have our own hospital and health centers that will be serviced by Christian doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners and specialists who will not only provide medical treatment but first and foremost pray medically for their patients, so that we will see the same healing success we have been experiencing.  If you want to learn more about our vision you can click here.

By giving a gift to the Medical Ministry you are helping to bring healing to our world in the name of Jesus! There are a few ways you can participate.

By contributing to our Medical Ministry you are helping to bring God’s love and healing to millions of people and leaving a legacy that will impact countless generations with God’s love. We are grateful to have you partner with us to bring transformation and healing to our world.

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You may participate and partner with us in a few ways:

You can donate using Visa or Paypal or by check (preferred). If you would like to send a larger gift please send your check to the address below.

We also accept gifts in the form of cars, art, stocks and shares, land, houses or any other assets that we can convert to cash.

In addition, we are also looking for those who would like to volunteer hours to help in social media and other logistics to further this ministry.

You can send your gifts to:


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Please make checks payable to “Medical Ministry”.

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Love and Blessings!

Dr. Susan Richards

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