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  • Leyla says:

    Hello, Can i ask here a prayer? I really need it.. (For neckpain spine) and i want loose weight which diet is good? Thankyou blessings,

  • christine says:

    Hi Dr. Susan,

    I’d like to know if you pray for deliverance from ancestors’ sickness, (generational sickness will stop from our current generation & on), God’s heart for disconnected/dysfunctional marriages & bring people hope to step into God’s destinies for themselves?

    Where is your local address? Where are your Healing/Community Centers in the Bay Area?

    Is your upcoming Love & Miraculous Conference in Palo Alto at a church?

    Thank you & Bless you & your team in Jesus’ mighty name!

  • Gloria Wing says:

    Dear Dr. Susan Richards,

    Are you taking new patients and do you have a office in Palo Alto?

    Thank You, Gloria Wing

  • Yvonne says:

    Please pray for me and my family, that we will be blessed by Our Savior Jesus Christ with the best, the very best extraordinary abundantly blessed life that God can give us. That this generational poverty curse is defeated, destroyed, canceled inJesus’s Holy Name. That we receive and claim now the oromises of Deuteronmony 6 over our lives and the lives of my children and my grandchildren. amen

  • Maggie Roberge says:

    I would like information about your school of healing. I live in Sunnyvale CA

  • Irene says:

    Dr. Susan after telling my friends at St. Joan of arc about you, everyone is asking if you could do a visit to St Joan of arc, they were asking if you charge money for speaking I did not know how to answer and if you do charge how much is it? I had no answer, I know that the turn out should be huge, I could help arrange for music, and food, we have a great choir, we would love to have you, please let me know if you can find time. For us….,.

  • Ron Natale says:

    Where are the healing centers located?

  • Eric Hu says:

    I’m touched by God’s calling for Dr. Susan for this unique ministry. My dad in Taiwan was involved in a bad car accident on his way to the airport to fly to the SF Bay Area to see his first granddaughter for the first time (my daughter), and he broke his spinal cord in three different sections. He’s now paralyzed from the chest down, on a respirator, and has limited mobility in his hands. This was over four years ago, and he’s been bed bound the whole time. He’s undergoing unbelievable amount of pain on a daily basis, and now mentally he’s starting to regress. We visit with my daughter as much as we can, but the most we can do is watch. We now have two daughters, and he never got to play with either one. As usual, the doctors have all given up on him medically. We are seeking prayer for him at this time…it’s heart wrenching to watch him go through this journey, but we’ll walk with him to the end when the Lord takes him.

  • Delores Daniels says:

    I would like pray for the healing of my family.

  • Wolfgang von Manowski says:

    Dear Dr. Richards,
    I would love to return for a visit with you. Can you share some healing dates and locations with me?
    Thanks and may God bless you!

  • Anna Mandujano says:

    Where is your next healing service being held?

  • Molly T Worthington says:

    I need healing of hair loss and stomach and back pain. That you. 510 771 4433.

  • Dr Richards – thank you so much for coming to Harvest Valley last night. Your calling and vision for ministry is an answer to our prayers for our 23year old daughter’s Systemic Scleroderma and myositis illnesses she has lived with for the past 5 years. Her name is Lindsay and their prayer team prayed over her last night as well as your group prayers.

    God’s love permeated the house last night and we came away refreshed and with renewed hope for Lindsays complete healing.

    You mentioned progressive healing as well. She is currently under the care of functional Medicine chiropractor, Dr Douglas Husbands in San Carlos since January. . She has been on Western meds from 2012 thru December 2016 thru Kaiser.
    He ck numbers went up from 1000 to 4000 in the April blood test and she was very discouraged. Her Kaiser derm Dr in Walnut Creek believes the natural approach isn’t working and suggesting IVIG treatments again since they worked in 2015. We feel we need a more integrative approach and in fact miraculous healing for Lindsay. She is an evangelist at heart, loves cultures and helping people in need. I see her being healed and being a prayer healer for others. Please pray with us fir complete healing.
    If she wanted a personal consult with you, what is the cost please?
    What are the addresses to the Healing Centers?
    My husband and I own a graphics installation company and wonder if you need vinyl graphics for your healing center or school walls etc? Our website is http://www.decalapplicators.com
    We love to do Kingdom work with our calling in business.

    I also love the Japanese Ionizer we own and encourage others to drink this awesome water. I see you recommend it in your acid/Alkaline book I bought as well!

    I look forward to your reply.

    Amazing grace to you and your team,

    Jeannette Ford

  • kathy sauer says:

    Dear Dr. Susan,

    Can you please pray for my husband over the phone? We are in Buffalo NY and we have a school age child so we cant travel to California.

    My husband Wayde has stage 4 colon cancer, that has spread to liver, lungs & brain. The doctors has given us very little hope, as there is no treatment available.

    We believe Jesus is our healer. HE is inside of us & HIS will is wanting us to be well. God’s plan is not to destroy us but to have hope and a good future.

    Dr. Susan, it is God who lead us to your website and your healing ministry.

    Thank you Jesus!

    Kathy Sauer

  • Sherilyn Hollabaugh says:

    Hi, Dr. Richards,
    I met you yesterday at the Healing Center parking lot asking for prayer for my grandson who was scheduled for surgery to shorten on leg and then to later have surgery on his back which has 3 curves, one much worse than the other. He and his two brothers are medicated for great ADHD, they have speech delay, and behavior issues which we have been trying to control by medication. Tristan one of the twins has been in the hospital all week with severe fear and anxiety, leading to aggressive behavior, so Stephen’s leg shortening surgery was postponed. you asked me to contact you for appointment to see all three boys for which I am extremely grateful!.
    Their attention spans are short. Should we do one at a time?
    Thank you so very much. Sheri at 510468-3717 or

  • Noah prince says:

    Hi dr Susan
    My 19 yr old son Noah and I met you recently at the Vallejo foursquare church meeting you did it was very good being there
    We would absolutely love to have a meeting with you no matter what it costs my son noah is really desperate to get free from the mental disorders he’s having hearing and vision distortion.
    He’s a strong believer and it was his idea to meet with you

    Please please contact us ASAP
    Our Schedule is very flexible we can come anytime
    Or if you have a last-minute cancellation we would just need an hours notice we live in Danville thank you

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