Celiac Disease: Are you prone to Osteoporosis?

A Celiac-Osteoporosis Connection

Dr. Peter Green, physician and researcher at New York's Columbia University medical school, was among the first to report a solid link between osteoporosis and celiac disease, which is now believed to be the result of both impaired mineral absorption and increased inflammation.

Dr. Green and his cohort ordered a dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) test for bone mineral density in 105 women and 23 men, average age 56 years, who had already been diagnosed with celiac disease. They found that 27 percent of the patients had osteoporosis at the femoral neck.

However, a year or two after putting these patients on a gluten-free diet, their femoral neck bone density had increased by an impressive 7.5 percent (American Journal of Gastroenterology).

My Take:

Before going further let's find out if you are at risk for Osteoporosis by doing this simple self quiz.

This study that linked celiac disease (meaning the person is allergic to gluten) to osteoporosis was first published more than eight years ago, and the link between osteoporosis and celiac disease has since been confirmed many times over. 

(Incidentally, a gluten-free diet will not only improve your health if you have celiac disease but it can help you to lose weight, a problem most of us struggle with in the USA. Read my post here on alternatives to wheat.)

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However, the majority of women I see still tell me that, after being diagnosed with osteoporosis, their doctors don't order a test for celiac disease but, rather, prescribe a bisphosphonate drug such as Fosamax or Boniva. I've written many times about the dangers of such drugs, which is why I always recommend a more natural approach to building bone density.

In Green's study, the 7.5 percent improvement in bone density that was seen after just a year or two on a gluten-free diet is fantastic news that the pharmaceutical industry has apparently managed to suppress for years.

For this reason, if you have osteoporosis, I recommend following a gluten-free diet that is rich in gluten-free whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat, and amaranth. Personally, I have found the prices at Thrive Market to be much lower than most health food stores so I would like to introduce you to them to get some of these gluten-free, non-gmo, organic whole foods. You can use the coupon below to get an additional 20% off when you click on my Thrive Market button below!

Also, for added health benefits read these posts which can greatly help you with bone loss.

Dr Susan

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