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Self Quiz: how good are your Stress Management Skills?

Do You Have the Stress Management Abilities Needed for Peak Performance and Optimal Health? A person’s own evaluation of his or her susceptibility to stress can be a powerful motivator for making the changes in diet and lifestyle necessary to manage stress more effectively. Work through the following checklist Doing so will help you to […]

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Lab methods to test for your acid-alkaline imbalance

Two tests in the medical field that can indicate your pH status.In my last post I introduced to you several testing methods that can help indicate your acid-alkaline status and any obvious imbalances based on your current diet, level of stress or exposure to medications or chemicals. I hope you were able to take my […]

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Self test to check if you are a natural alkaline producer: Aging test

Find out your natural propensity, and change itEven if you are more prone to be acidic you don’t’ have to stay that way. This simple questionnaire will tell you if you tend to be acidic or alkaline. Check all phrases that apply to you in each section below. If you tend toward acidity, it’s likely that you: ❑ […]

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1 Self Quiz: Do You Have Healthy Detoxification?

Healthy detoxification is an important part of vibrant health and wellness! Using the following checklist you can see which items apply to you and this can help you to determine whether your own system is working adequately. Note: The checklist does not provide a definitive diagnosis of detoxification ability.  Lifestyle/environmental factors My diet is high in sugar. […]

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Self Quiz: Do You Suffer from PMS?

Premenstrual Syndrome The most commonly experienced PMS symptoms are those that affect a woman’s emotional well-being and energy level, including premenstrual fatigue. Other common symptoms include food cravings, bloating, headaches, and skin changes. Check the symptoms and risk factors that pertain to your PMS pattern. If you have moderate to severe symptoms, you may want […]

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