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4 Healthy Salt Substitutes

I love the flavors of delicious salty foods. However I’m always looking for healthier alternatives to salt that are better for overall health. Here are 4 healthy alternatives you can try! 1.Potassium-based products, such as Morton’s Salt Substitute, are much healthier and will not aggravate heart disease or hypertension. 2. Use powdered seaweed such as kelp or […]

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How to Substitute for Caffeinated Foods and Beverages

Coffee smells and tastes delicious, but it often leaves people feeling less than their best due to the high level of caffeine. Would you like to drink less caffeine and still feel great? I have some wonderful suggestions for you! Drink decaffeinated coffee or tea as a transition beverage. If you cannot give up coffee, […]

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Tips: How to Substitute for Alcohol

Tips for an alcohol free diet from Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women Use low-alcohol or nonalcoholic products for cooking. Substitute low-alcohol or nonalcoholic wine or beer when cooking or preparing sauces and marinades. You will retain much of the flavor that alcohol imparts, and you will decrease the stress factor substantially. Use low-alcohol or […]

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Tips: How to Substitute for Dairy Products

Tips for a dairy free diet from Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women If you must use cow’s milk cheese in cooking, decrease the amount in the recipe by three-fourths so that it becomes a flavoring or garnish rather than a major source of fat and protein. For example, use one teaspoon of parmesan cheese […]

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Tips: How to Substitute for Red Meat

Tips for a red meat free diet from Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women  You can often modify recipes calling for red meat by substituting ground turkey, ground chicken, or tofu. For example, use ground turkey or crumble up tofu to simulate the texture of hamburger and add to recipes like enchiladas, tacos, chili, meatloaf, […]

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Tips: How to Substitute for Wheat Flour

Tips for a wheat-flour free diet from Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women For those women who are wheat-sensitive, substitute whole grain, non-wheat flours, like rice or barley flour. Whole grain flours are much higher in essential nutrients, such as vitamin B complex and many minerals. They are also higher in fiber. Rice flour makes excellent […]

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