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What to do when you lack energy & feel tired

Boost Energy from a Cellular Level When You Feel Tired Cells are the living units of every part of your body. There are 75 trillion cells in your body, and each type is specialized to perform a particular function. In fact, each organ is actually a group of many different cells that all have their own role […]

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To mammogram or not to mammogram? Controversy continues.

Breast Tests Beyond Mammograms: The Truth About It & What You Can Do To Prevent Breast CancerDear Dr. Susan, I’m a relatively new subscriber, and I read in one of your special reports that you aren’t the biggest fan of mammograms. Can you tell me why? If not mammograms, then what breast cancer screening tools do […]

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Lipstick: Are you or your children putting poison on your lips?

Lead on Our Lips! Are you exposed to lead poisoning?The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (www. recently tested 33 lipsticks, with brands ranging from drugstore to designer, to determine the amount of lead present in each of them. In their report, “A Poison Kiss: The Problem of Lead in Lipstick,” they reveal that 20 of […]

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Air Freshener Alert: Harm of chemical used in air fresheners

Toxic Air FreshenersToday, I’d like to share some worrying news about certain chemicals freely used in a certain household items, mainly air fresheners. After all who doesn’t like a pleasant smelling home, or vehicle? The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) published a report called “Clearing the Air—Hidden Hazards of Air Fresheners.” In the report, they reveal […]

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How to prevent a stroke & other heart diseases

Are you at risk of a stroke? Or even heart disease?Dear Dr. Susan, QUESTION My mother had her first stroke when she was in her early 60s. For three years afterwards, she took prescription blood thinners, but still died from a massive stroke. I’m 50 and would like to protect myself, but I’d prefer a more natural […]

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Tension Headaches & How to Get Rid of Them

Taming Tension Headaches Without Pain KillersDear Dr. Susan, I recently saw my doctor about my head-aches and, after a thorough examination, she concluded that they’re simply tension headaches. I’m relieved that it’s nothing serious, but I don’t want to keep taking painkillers. Can you offer some safer solutions? —Kelly Dear Kelly,  ​Fortunately, safer, more natural solutions for tension […]

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The relationship between over acidity and diabetes, hypertension and cancer

Elevated blood sugar and its acidifying effect on you.Today I am going to do a broad sweep of three common but terrible medical conditions that affect so many people. It does not seem to matter your social status, or economic independence, or even the country you live in, but these illnesses loom in your future […]

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