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Dr. Susan’s Daily Health Tip: Lutein

Would you like to enjoy great female health at all stages of your life? Then lutein is a wonderful, and even essential, nutrient for you! Lutein is a beautiful yellow colored phytonutrient found abundantly in flowers like marigolds, fruits and vegetables. It is a member of the carotenoid family and has powerful antioxidant properties and cell […]

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Dr. Susan’s Daily Health Tip: Non-Dairy for Weight Loss

Would you like to effortlessly drop extra pounds and lose unwanted bloating and fluid retention? Then eliminating dairy products from your diet and using the many delicious and healthy dairy substitutes that are available may be the solution. Dairy products are also linked to many other health issues, such as digestive upset. Many women are […]

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Dr. Susan’s Daily Health Tip: Meal Times for Weight Loss

Did you know that the time you eat your meals can have a dramatic effect on your ease of losing weight and budging stubborn pounds? Incredible new research is finding that successful weight loss is partly all in the timing of your meals. Studies done by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Tufts University found that […]

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Dr. Susan’s Daily Health Tip: Royal Jelly

Have you heard of royal jelly, the food of the queen bee? Royal jelly has been used for centuries to promote reproductive health, longevity and ease menopausal symptoms. If you are in menopause and are seeking relief from hot flashes, low libido and dryness or have low estrogen levels, royal jelly, may provide support for your […]

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