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Bunions & Hammertoes: How to Prevent Them

Reasons Why Hammertoes & Bunions Affect Women More Than MenAs women enter their midlife years, their risk of developing a bunion (a bump at the base of the big toe) and a related condition called hammertoe (where the smaller toes are bent like claws) increases.   Surgery is often recommended, but 25 percent of women who […]

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Celiac Disease: Are you prone to Osteoporosis?

A Celiac-Osteoporosis ConnectionDr. Peter Green, physician and researcher at New York’s Columbia University medical school, was among the first to report a solid link between osteoporosis and celiac disease, which is now believed to be the result of both impaired mineral absorption and increased inflammation.Dr. Green and his cohort ordered a dual energy X-ray absorptiometry […]

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): Long term risks & How to avoid them

Common Signs of Menopause: Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Anxiety… In the next few posts I will discuss the possible side effects and the long –term risks of HRT—Hormone Replacement Therapy.(If you are unsure about your condition you can take this self-quiz to verify if you are experiencing menopause.) HRT has been a confusing and sensitive issue for […]

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How to Get Rid of Corns & Calluses: Summer Feet


Beauty Corner–Foot Problems Be GoneSummer-Ready Feet Corns and calluses are two extremely common foot complaints. In one study of women between the ages of 50 and 70, 83 percent had some sort of foot problem, and corns and calluses were at the top of the list ( Journal of Public Health Medicine; Clinical and Experimental Dermatology).  While […]

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Preventative therapies to lower your risk of breast cancer.

Cancer promoting factors you can control Breast Cancer Prevention   While breast cancer can affect any woman, the risk of developing it is significantly higher if you have one or more risk factors that are out of your control, such as being genetically predisposed or having dense breast tissue.  But there are plenty of contributing factors you can […]

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How to Overcome & Rid Chronic Stress Naturally & Easily

Stress tends to worsen virtually every health problem & illness!Dear Friend,  One of the biggest links to disease and ill health that I’ve seen in over three decades of patient care is chronic stress. I don’t mean the little daily irritations of life, like running late for appointments or for-getting to buy rolls at the supermarket.  What […]

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Sleep: How to get a good night’s rest tonight!

Lack of Sleep Will Affect Your Health & Body!The Health Effects of Poor Sleep   Insomnia and poor-quality sleep significantly affect literally every aspect of your health and well-being. Here are just a few ways that sleep problems can hurt your health.   A Weighty Issue   Weight gain is one of the more significant effects of poor […]

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