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Eating Out: Choosing Alkaline Foods In Restaurants

Choosing Less Acidic/More Alkaline Meals in RestaurantsTraditionally, people have chosen mostly highly acidic dishes and entrees when eating in restaurants.

The Alkaline Diet Plan: What It Can Do For Your Health

How the Modern Diet Became Deficient In Alkaline Minerals-- Boost Your Alkaline IntakeThe alkaline mineral deficit of our modern diet

How To Restore Your Acid Alkaline Balance To Ward Off Illnesses

Restoring Your Alkaline Mineral ReservesOne of the most important ways to restore buffering capability is to replenish the body's mineral

Infections & Colds: Your food could be making these worse.

The constant consumption of highly acidic food will, over time, rob you of healthFish and shellfish do not have the

Symptoms of kidney stones and how to avoid getting them

Q and A: Why & How To Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally‚ÄčDear Dr. Susan, I passed a kidney stone last week. It was

Over Acidity: How to Reduce Factors that Increase your Acidity

People who are experiencing stress and are overly acidic Many of the standard components of modern life act to increase the

Alternative Cancer Treatments And The Best Options Against Cancer

A Cutting-Edge Cancer ProtocolThe Gonzalez Regimen  When it comes to cancer research, if one researcher comes up with an idea that

Lab methods to test for your acid-alkaline imbalance

Two tests in the medical field that can indicate your pH status.In my last post I introduced to you several