Buffering agents to help your body become more alkaline

Raising your pH levels safely and improving athletic performance

Today we will explore two more commonly used buffering agent.

Sodium citrate. Sodium citrate is a buffering agent that is sometimes used in place of sodium bicarbonate since it also has very helpful buffering capacity.

Historically, certain fruit juices, which are high in potassium citrate and alkaline salts of citric acid, have been used to raise blood pH.

Studies done in The 1930s found that these drinks improved performance in events ranging from 100- to 400-meter swimming sprints to endurance cycling and running.

Check to make sure you do not eat any of these harmful foods.

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How to make oxygen become more available in muscles

This will help you remain much more energized during an event than eating an acidic energy bar or consuming highly acidic soft drinks, both of which adds to the acid load and can subject you to a significant energy letdown.

In addition, anti-inflammatory digestive enzymes should also be taken prior to and/or following strenuous physical exertion to prevent stiffness and soreness from occurring. See my book Enzymes: The Path to Perfect Health for my programs to bless you with healthy digestion and great health for the whole body. (Emma link to AMAZON AFFILIATES PROGRAM)

How much phosphorous is needed?

Because the standard American diet contains plentiful amounts of meat and dairy products, which contain large amounts of phosphorus, most people are far from deficient.

However, athletes may need especially high amounts of this mineral, since studies have shown that muscles lose phosphorus into the bloodstream during periods of intense physical exertion.

The more a person exercises, the more phosphorus is needed by the body. Endurance athletes, such as marathon runners, will have low levels of phosphorus immediately after participating in an athletic event. Loss of phosphorus can impair buffering within the muscle tissue and limit the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscle cells.

Knowing when it's enough

Phosphorus is given to athletes in a buffered form, sodium phosphate. The sports performance benefits of phosphate loading have been studied and it does reduce the need for organs like the heart to work as hard during times of exertion.

So consuming these buffering agents can result in increased oxygen uptake, which on the whole is a positive benefit for individuals. It can aid in reducing fatigue, muscle stiffness as well as achiness and inflammation.

Dr Susan

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