Blenderized and Pureed Meals Minimize Digestive Problems

Excerpt from Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women

If you are a woman with digestive problems or weak pancreatic function, suffer from a variety of inflammatory conditions, or even have a very serious health problem like cancer, one way to reduce the stress on the body and help restore its functional capabilities is to drink blenderized meals.

Processing ingredients in a blender liquefies food, breaking all of its components into extremely small particles, and enhances (or replaces) the mechanical digestive step of chewing. The surface area of the food is dramatically increased, thereby eliminating one of the functions of pancreatic and other enzymes in the breakdown process and hence requiring less enzyme production. This takes an enormous amount of stress off of the pancreas and other digestive organs.

Liquefied food is partially predigested. It is absorbed and assimilated very easily, with minimal symptoms of incomplete or poor digestion such as bloating, gas, and food remaining in the digestive tract for long periods of time. The nutrients from the food are much more readily available when food is taken in blenderized form.

Foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts can be blenderized to make delicious shakes and drinks. Vegetables such as squash, turnips, yams, sweet potatoes, and potatoes can all be blenderized into purees. Thickened soups that are full of solids like beans and pieces of vegetables can be pureed and made easier to digest. People with really weak digestive systems should consider blenderizing one to two meals per day, with the third meal consisting of easily digestible solid food such as cooked salads, steamed vegetables, cooked grains, and meats like salmon or trout that tend to be softer and easier to digest than tougher, fibrous meats like grilled steak. I have found that very weak or sick patients who substitute one or two blenderized meals per day have much more rapid healing and recovery times.

Blenderized drinks can be made from ingredients that are both enzyme-rich and more alkaline. Millions of Americans have both low digestive enzyme production and a tendency toward being overly acidic. Drinks such as these can provide therapeutic benefits for both conditions. Liquefying the solid ingredients into a drink further reduces the workload of the pancreas and other digestive organs. These liquid meals can be tremendously beneficial for conditions related to either overacidity or low enzyme production such as fatigue, brain fog, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune problems, and even cancer.

Any commercially available blender or food processor can be used; however, I have found that the Vitamix® ( is a super powerful blender that can pulverize virtually any whole food into a liquid (in contrast, juicers tend to extract the juice while discarding the nutrient-rich pulp). This blender can emulsify raw or cooked foods and can be used for any combination of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, liquids, or oils.

Many athletes and others who require very high energy levels to perform in stressful or physically demanding jobs would benefit from relying on one or two blenderized meals per day during times of stress. Over the years, I have developed several drink recipes that provide protein, carbohydrates, and fats in an easily digestible form that can replace an entire solid meal. Use these recipes exactly as stated or modify them to your own tastes or specific food tolerances.

For recipes and more information about blenderized meals see Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women available on Amazon, Amazon-Kindle and Womens Wellness Publishing.

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