Bananas: A Superfood for Great Health

fruit2_142376698Did you know that bananas are truly a superfood that can positively impact your health?

I love bananas, they have so many health benefits! They are a rich source of potassium, containing 400 mg of potassium in one medium size banana. Potassium helps to regulate the electrical system of the heart. It supports heart health, strong nerve conduction and lowers blood pressure. Potassium helps to prevent muscle spasm and promotes healthy muscle tone.

Potassium also promotes dense, strong bones in both adults and children. They are especially beneficial for women who are in their midlife and older years and are at higher risk of bone loss and osteoporosis. Bananas are also a good source of other essential nutrients including vitamin C, B-6, manganese and fiber. They help to decrease your risk of developing kidney stones and lower your risk of kidney cancer.

Bananas are often one of the first solid foods introduced into a baby’s diet because of their easy digestibility and are very helpful for healing infant diarrhea. They promote healthy digestion in adults and children, because of their content of fructooligosaccharides (FOS) that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria, called probiotics, in our intestinal tracts.

Bananas are a great food to incorporate into your daily diet or a juicing and detoxification diet for increased health and wellness! Love, Dr. Susan

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