Dr. Susan Richards is a prominent and highly credentialed medical doctor as well as an ordained Christian minister with a heart for healing and a love for God and her fellow human beings.

At God’s urging, Dr. Richards was led to found the first medical ministry dedicated to God’s supernatural healing of the sick in the United States. Her love for God and love and compassion for everyone who is suffering from physical, mental and emotional illness caused her to embark on a major change in her life and career.

Dr. Richards’ Career as a Medical Doctor

Dr. Susan Richards has enjoyed great success as a highly credentialed medical doctor. She received her medical degree from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and she has medical specialties in family medicine and integrative medicine. She has served on the clinical faculty of Stanford University School of Medicine and taught in Stanford’s Division of Family and Community Medicine. Dr. Richards currently does prayer and healing ministry at Stanford University.

Dr. Richards is a best-selling author with sales of over two million books. She is also an innovative product developer and medical consultant and spokesperson to many major corporations including the Kellogg Company, the Gillette Company (brand of Procter and Gamble) and Weider Nutrition International and many others. Her groundbreaking work in the field of integrative medicine has been discussed in hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles as well as many radio programs and national and local television shows.

Dr. Richards’ Mission is to Bring the Healing Power of God to Millions of People

Yet, God spoke to her heart and showed her that His power and love could bring healing to millions of people who were needlessly suffering from medical illness. God inspired her to develop a medical ministry devoted to God’s healing love and power and healing the sick with prayer. Dr. Richards is uniquely gifted by God to found a medical healing ministry. With medical specialties in family medicine and integrative medicine, she is also an ordained minister focusing on restoring people to health and wellness through the supernatural healing power of God and the Holy Spirit.

As she began to see the healing hand of God creating healing miracles on patients that she prayed for, she committed her life to serving God and her fellow human beings. Dr. Richards mission is to bring God’s healing power and love to many millions of people through prayer so that they can attain the health, energy, strength and wellness that they were created by God to enjoy. She wants to help build faith and trust in God’s supernatural healing power and to encourage people to depend on God’s healing, love and compassion for recovery from difficult to treat illnesses.

Dealing with the disease and illness is one of the most important issues that affect most people’s lives. Disease wrecks havoc on one’s quality of life, the ability to function in the home and workplace and can ravage one’s finances. Yet, the medical field is very limited in its ability to effect true healing for many health problems. Through the healing presence of God, however, nothing is impossible and all health issues can be healed.

She Developed a Spirit of Love and Compassion as a Medical Doctor-in-Training

Dr. Richards developed a spirit of compassion and love for her fellow human beings, even during her early years of medical training. While doctors are trained to be cool and reserved and objective about illness and their patients, Dr. Richards developed warm and caring relationships with the patients that she worked with as a doctor-in-training.

She would hug her patients, sit at their bedsides and talk to them and find out how they felt about their lives and health challenges. She got to know closely many of her patients and their families. Responding to her warmth and compassion, patients felt cared about. They would “adopt” her and their families would bring her homemade meals and special treats, even as a medical student.

Dr. Richards Begins Her Medical Ministry of Healing Through God and The Holy Spirit

After completing her medical training, Dr. Richards had a very successful and busy medical practice, specializing in family medicine. She became discouraged, however, by how limited the medical field was in being able to create recovery for many illnesses. Both drugs and medications were fraught with dangerous side-effects and could rarely actually cure patients from disabling diseases. At best, they could only reduce the progression of the symptoms for many illnesses.

She began to look at the medical research on the healing power of prayer and was deeply impressed by the studies and testimonies that spoke to the importance of having a relationship with God to affect healing. She also studied the works and lives of gifted Christian healers and was fascinated by their testimonies of supernatural miracle headings as they prayed for the sick. As she became more and more interested in God’s healing power, Dr. Richards found that God was speaking to her heart and moving her from the medical field to the frontline of creating a medical ministry of supernatural healing.

Praying for Critically Ill Patients in the Hospital ICU’s

Dr. Richards was initially inspired to became an ordained minister because she wanted to do prayer ministry and heal the sick through God love and power. Shortly thereafter, six years ago, Dr. Richards felt very strongly called by God to begin praying for healing of critically ill patients in the hospitals. While still doing a primarily medical career, Dr. Richards began to do hospital based ministry several days a week, visiting the sick and praying for their healing.

She was deeply moved and inspired right from the beginning as she saw the hand of God create many wonderful miracle healings of patients suffering from virtually every type of illness. She prays for and brings love and compassion to patients whose doctors tell them that they have no or very limited hope of recovery. Dr. Richards has seen God regularly answer prayers for healing by stepping in the gap with these medically hopeless cases. God is truly their only hope and option for healing.

In Dr. Richards’ own words, “I have done ministry in the ICU’s, critical care and rehabilitation units of hospitals in our community several times a week bringing love, prayer and the healing of God and Jesus Christ to seriously ill patients. I also do home visits for people in need of prayer for a wide variety of health issues.

I have worked with the most difficult cases- people suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, crush injuries, falling off roofs, 3rd degree burns from arson, spinal cord strokes, quadriplegics, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, patients with morbid obesity who are in lung failure, multiple organ system failures, heart disease, kidney and liver failure, addictions, deafness and blindness – patients who the critical care doctors often say are totally hopeless and have only a limited chance of recovery.

Each time I go to the hospital or do home visits with people suffering from illness, I am incredibly touched and moved by being in the direct presence of God and seeing His amazing love and healing miracles for so many patients. I have seen recovery from so many serious illnesses; paralyzed patients walking again, the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

I have also witnessed patients who have sustained very serious injuries and illnesses who were atheists or nonbelievers, before their illnesses and subsequent miraculous recoveries, often come to God. They said that Jesus had completely transformed their lives and touched their hearts. Many have said that they wanted to devote their life to God and inspire others after receiving such miraculous healings.

Dr. Richards Founded The First Medical Ministry in the United States

Several years ago, she was called by God to expand her work on behalf of the sick and dying and founded the first medical ministry in the United States. With God’s blessings on the project, her medical ministry has been growing and expanding very rapidly. Dr. Richards began to post inspirational and spiritual posts on Facebook as well as prayer offerings several years ago. Her Facebook ministry page began with 10 followers and took off immediately and already has over 1,140,000 followers and friends. Her Facebook posts have reached millions of people because they are shared so often. Her medical ministry also receives nearly 30,000 prayer requests for healing each week, or 1,500,000 prayer requests each year, which are prayed for by their devoted prayer team.

She continues to be on the frontline of healing doing hospital and home healing ministry as well as a prayer and healing ministry at Stanford University. Dr. Richards has been deeply inspired in her ministry work by seeing so many incredible healing miracles of God.

The First Medical School of Healing Training Program

God is currently guiding Dr. Richards to develop two groundbreaking medical ministry projects to bring His healing to many millions of people. God has given Dr. Richards a mission to develop the first Medical School of Healing Training Program in the United States. Her program will equip students from every background to become exceptional healers who experience supernatural miracle healings from God while praying for the sick. The goal of the program is to train many healers to walk in the love and power of God while ministering to the sick and enable them to see healing miracles on a constant basis. She has also seen people’s lives totally transformed and blessed by God in every area through her ministry.

This is the first healing ministry program in the U.S. to combine training in God’s intricate design of the human body along with our exceptional ministry classes. Our healing ministry training program will equip students to become incredible healers who experience supernatural miracle healings from God while praying for the sick and seeing lives transformed in the Spirit.

The program will provide the students with medical knowledge of the structure and function of the human body as well as the causes, presentation and treatment of many illnesses. This has been designed just for healers and is taught by highly credentialed and Spirit-filled medical doctors and other medical professionals and will enable our students to be more effective in their healing ministry. Students will also receive training in natural health so that they can support people recovering from illness in following a healthy lifestyle to better maintain their health and wellness.

In addition, our students will study many Spirit-based healing techniques including healing prayer, foundation of supernatural, healing miracles of the sick and injured and healing through the Holy Spirit as well as many other beneficial and exciting classes. They will be equipped to help promote healing of illness and injuries through the power and love of God. Finally, we offer a series of very beneficial classes to help “heal the healers” so that our graduates go out into the community as healers who are physically strong and healthy and emotionally grounded in their identity in Christ. This will enable them to best impart loving, joy-filled and very effective healing to the sick and injured as well as see lives transformed and blessed by God.

The school program welcomes everyone, no matter your background, and will begin classes in mid-April 2016. The program is very flexible and students can take the certification requirements and receive ordination and certification in Healing Ministry or simply take classes that they are interested in. You can either take one or a few classes of your choice or complete the entire program. Classes are available through classroom learning, live stream or video learning, depending on your needs.

This incredible program will transform your life and strengthen your relationship with God whether your goal is to minister to the sick or apply the incredible resources from the program to your career of choice and in every area of your life, you will be blessed by our program.


The First Christian Based Healing and Community Centers inspired by the love, joy and healing presence of God

Dr. Richards is also developing a series of Christian based healing and community centers throughout the United States that will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide healing prayer to everyone in need of physical, mental or emotional healing. They will be a place that you can go for prayer, healing, worship and spiritual support anytime of the day or night.

The centers will be open to everyone in the community and will provide an ideal place to get away for spiritual renewal and refreshment in our busy and ever changing world. The centers will provide a healing environment of love, joy and peace for all who come there for help or to enjoy a Spirit-filled environment, personal growth and our many exciting community activities.

Anyone in need of physical, mental or emotional healing will be able to visit the healing rooms and be prayed over by loving and compassionate medically and spiritually trained prayer teams. The centers will be open to members of the community of all ages, ethnic, economic and faith backgrounds.

The centers will provide spiritual support and renewal through daily spiritual services, renewing of the mind and quiet rooms for prayer and meditation. They will also provide great, enjoyable opportunities for fellowship with family, friends and make new friends and enjoy a wide variety of uplifting, fun and exciting activities.

We will be sponsoring evenings of shared meals, cafe and coffee shops, workshops, classes and support groups for personal and career development, worship nights, art, music, dance events and more. The goal of the centers is to support all of our visitors to enjoy a vibrant, successful and joy filled life in their walk with God.

  • Nana C. says:

    Greetings! I am a 68 yr old woman…Beginning a New Season of my life and I am confused and a little apprehensive of what I’m suppose to do next. I’ve been given and saved for a move to a new state. [NE to CA]
    I was provided a nice apartment to live in for the last year by my son. I had anticipated having a job (which he Discouraged me from). Since my income is solely Social Security, I need to find a living situation I can afford. Options: renting a room; qualifying for section 8 housing; or care=taking for an elderly person with room as provisional wage.
    I haven’t made any personal friends since I’ve been in CA. I’ve been “hurt” by so many people, (friends and family); it’s difficult to get close to anyone.
    Jesus Christ IS My Lord and Savior, whom I Love Dearly and Adore. I have a LOT of negativity around me. I feel paralyzed. I am a “physically healthy” person. But Lost.

  • Elizabeth DeVito says:

    I would like to have prayer because I am trying to live healthy and everything that goes with that.

  • Mary Jane Clark says:

    Dear Dr. Susan, I am very impressed with your healing ministry and Facebook page. I have subscribed to your newsletter when it was the Harvard Newsletter for Women and then the Dr. Susan Lark Newsletter. I also ordered and used your face care products and others.
    Thank you for your care and love for humanity. Please pray for my husband and for health…..And also for my son and wife and three children. I think they struggle with their Faith. We are deep faith-believing Christians but sometimes I think my son and family falter in their belief.
    Thank you again for your prayers…..Mary Jane Clark

  • Hi Dr. Susan :
    We met at Revive San Pablo last month when you and jake W. did the TV Filmimg . I am Kurts wife .
    I want to follow up on connecting with you and especially offering up my skills , talents and giftings that I hope will contribute to the dream .
    I’m not sure if you remember our short conversation .
    I am a Wholistic Health Educator . Nutritional Consultant ,
    Clinical Aesthetician , Certified Medical Herbalist , WATSU practicioner , private Raw to Paleo chef & Healer . I have been in the Healing / Spa wellness industry for over 35 years .
    I am a Elder and Worship team member at Revive for over two years and I would love to help you , work with your dream , help to contribute creatively and spiritually & be a source of inspiration .
    Please feel free to contact me . I am open to all possibilities because everything is possible through Christ!
    I am VERY excited about what you are doing and would be honored to be a part of it in any way …
    Thank you
    Allana Beauchamp

  • jenean jessn says:

    hello, I am interested in hearing more about the healing school of ministry. I am a pediatric home care nurse. I am currently self employed and working toward my RN with an emphasis in holistic nursing. My desire is to start a transition home for human trafficking victims with teaching life skills, healing through equine therapy, art, music, etc. The ability to walk in God’s healing and provision

  • Marcy Wing says:

    God Bless you Dr. Richards for blessing, praying and helping the hurting and sick. I have only known you are Dr. Susan Lark and wondering why your name changed? Do you still sell vitamins and beauty products? I am thrilled to hear about your Christian back ground and your walk with God.

  • Adriana says:

    What a Blessing to hear your a doctor who prays with there patients. What troubles me is that you are a spokesman for GMO company kellogs and occult proctor and gamble. I hope you pray for them because in my opinion they are aids to destroying humanity.

  • Katie Felton says:

    Dr. Susan,

    Do you have time to hear my story and possibly give advice? You would be financially compensated.

  • Charlene Davis says:

    I am asking for your prayers. I am scared alot and I worry being punished by God or Sinning to the point of not being forgiven. Pray for me please. I worry about dying and stuff like that. Please pray for me….
    Thank you,

  • Paula Allen says:

    We would like to be a part of your prayer team.

  • Beth Niffenegger says:

    I was wondering if you could pray for me. Ten years ago I had thyroid cancer and radiation, my thyroid was removed but ever since I have been going through once health issue after another. I am trying to stay positive but at times it is very hard to deal with, any prayers you could provide would be very helpful.


  • Barbara Schubert says:

    I am very touched by your biography. I haven’t heard of any healing ministries organized by dr.s.
    I have been part of a volunteer
    Chaplain program at a local hospital. It is a holy appointment.
    Bless you on your endeavors to further God’s Kingdom.

  • silvia rivas says:

    I am interested in the healing center please send me more information , God bless you

  • Dee says:

    Been seeking urgently for healing for my son and i. muscular skelotor structure and alighment. we need restored from chiropractor damage. doctors here are just UNREAL!! WE NEED HELP!! also please pray for healing of my dog. I CANT TAKE THIS NO MORE IN MY BODY

  • Grace Aloia says:

    Where are your healing centers located? How do they work? Can someone come visit for a couple of days and receive prayer ministry? What is the cost?

  • Gloria O'Roark says:

    Where are the healing centers?
    How does a person apply to train for a healing team? Is it possible to get an appt. with Dr. Susan Richards? Thank you & God bless you. Gloria

  • Tammy Ward says:

    I need prayer! I am a Christian but I started drinking wine 10 years ago when my mother passed away. In January 2015 my only son was arrested for murder and armed robbery and is still in jail. He accepted Christ Oct. 15, 2015. I am drinking more wine than I should and I can’t stop. It helps with my stress! Please pray God will help me with this!!

  • Gail Okuley says:

    My husband and I were so blessed to hear you at the Harvest Summit this week n S Jose… I have had a burden for miracles to be normal in the body of Christ for many years. Over 10 years ago I prayed over all our youth group to be activated in miracles. Last year I did an in depth personal study on all the miracles of Jesus recorded n the gospels…40, if you count the 2 impartations of His power…to the 12, and later to the 70. He has been releasing His power more and more, but mostly in removal of pain. I’ve never prayed for such serious cases as you do.
    Be blessed! I pray we all grow in this manifestation of His compassion. We are in Allentown Pa, believing God for revival and transformation in all of our Lehigh Valley.

  • Gina Penfold says:

    Please can you advise me on a reputable site to order DHEA online ? Thanks Gina

  • Dear Dr. Susan,
    Pam Jackson just got back from the Bay area where you were ministering and told me about what God is doing through your work. I really want to meet you. This is what I have been feeling God stir in me to be a part of! I am presently with Sutter Express Care in Roseville, living in Auburn, part of Jesus Culture church and the Catholic Church. I’ve served in Africa for 7 years, done some training with Global Awakening, been to Pemba with the Bakers for training–but my heart is to see the Kingdom released in the US clinics also and to practice wholistically–which I try to do. Dr. Rocky Livoni, MD is also here and we are getting together soon with other Professionals to pray, or if you happen to be coming this way, do let us know!

  • Flora Willis says:

    Dr. Susan, I saw you on the harvest show on 4/05/16. I decided to try to be helpful to you, not being critical. The bags under your eyes, are some of the worst I have ever seen. Maybe TV makes them look worse. I have always heard that puffy bags are a sign of a bad liver. Also, moist teabags are suppose to help the puffy bags under eyes. I just know that bags under the eyes is not normal. I will check out your website. Hope you are well, God Bless you.

  • JUDY ONDORO says:

    This is an answered prayer, i have been desiring something like this, a healing ministry that will specifically teach members on healing thru’ prayer and holistic lifestyle. I am a Nurse and this would just be an added benefit to my calling. I am a born again Christian and I love to pray and to see the manifestations of my prayer as God answers them. I believe this is gonna be an interesting experience to many.

  • Narcissa lichtman says:

    Please pray for my daughter Julie. She is 15yrs old battling anorexia nervousa. She is at Harrick hospital in psychiatric because she stopped eating her meals and exercising. She is so angry right now with us and God. I feel like she is far away and lost. She is a brilliant girl who loves to worship for Jesus! We just found out she is also ADHD. Please pray healing for her, she’s been battling for 7 months and had so many relapse. Thank you so much!
    God bless.

  • Daniel Tabb says:

    I’m an American missionary to the most disadvantaged community in Dublin, Ireland. Ed Silvoso just visited & spike about your healing ministry. I just looked you up & am inspired! Well done good & faithful servant!!!

    Where do I find information about taking your online healing ministry course?

  • Nancy Miller says:

    Where are the locations of your Healing Centers? Also information about your program.

  • DR Nirmala Panchikal says:

    Wow! I was just looking for a blog like this.I am a medical doctor from India, a born again believer ,I have seen the work of the Holy spirit in my patients helping them to recover from diabetes etc.I am amazed by the work you are doing,
    Could you give me guidance on how to the same here,love to hear from you.
    Dr Nirmala

  • Bola Opere says:

    I am yet to encounter you, but I am already believing that the LORD GOD has anointed Blessed and Favoured Healers such as you, to heal me of the afflictions that currently besieged me. AND BY THE POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD, SO SHALL IT BE FOR ME, THAT I SHALL BE FREED FROM THE CLUTCHES OF THIS PROBLEM,( for this too shall pass), IN JESUS MIGHTY PRECIOUS NAME, AMEN!!!

  • adriana Gallardo says:

    Dr. Richards My name is Adriana Gallardo and I am.a living case study for Med students at Stanford.
    Dr. Yasser El Said was my High risk OB.
    God did a Great Miracle on my behalf at Lucille Packard during child birth.
    Please view AliveAgainTV.com produced by Pastor Hoa Tong.
    I will see you at Gateway Church Sept. 25th.

  • Áine Fuller says:

    Can you let me know of where I can find such a healing room near to me. I live in Livermore, the Bay Area. Thank you & may Father RICHLY bless you Dr. RICHARDS.

    • Áine Fuller says:

      I am also curious about your courses to teach “healers”. Can you send me some information on these too, please. Thank you! Shalom!

  • Denise Wilson says:

    My Sister, Marion Overall along with her husband, saw Dr. Susan, this great woman of God at their church, Shiloh, in Oakland, California this past weekend.
    Marion encouraged me to not only visit this ministry on line but to consider going to California to receive prayer for my healing. After reading this article, I am inspired to ask for prayer. I currently have lymphedema in my left leg from ankle to top of my thigh. I also have diabetes. I need prayer. I believe in the power of God to heal my body. I believe in His promises of healing. When my sister called, I knew this could be my answer to prolonged prayer.

  • Dr. Susan,

    I am recently retired from medical consulting assisting Ambulatory Surgical Centers, in office surgical centers and faith based Pregnancy Centers to obtain
    accreditation from AAAHC and JAACHO.

    So pleased that I found your ministry and that Yeshua blessed me to find a
    resource to assist me in ministering our Father’s desire of deliverance from all
    of Ha Satan’s cruel attacks of all of His Creation.

    Shalom Shalom, Bill Mazurek

  • Dr. Susan,

    I am recently retired from medical consulting assisting Ambulatory Surgical Centers, in office surgical centers and faith based Pregnancy Centers to obtain
    accreditation from AAAHC and JAACHO.

    So pleased that I found your ministry and that Yeshua blessed me to find a
    resource to assist me in ministering our Father’s desire of deliverance from all
    of Ha Satan’s cruel attacks of all of His Creation.

    Shalom Shalom, Bill Mazurek

  • Andria Kelley-DeBose says:

    Thank you for your recent visit to my church “Shiloh Church, Oakland”. I serve as an Intercessor and I’m on the Prayer Team.
    When I went back to work the following week, I happened to speak with a woman who told me she had chronic pain in her shoulder, She said she had given up on hot&cold packs, therapy, etc. I could see the swelling in her shoulder and it looked like the tissue was swollen. It look like the muscle was tight. She showed me how she couldn’t hardly move her arm or shoulder and how much pain it was in every time she attempted to move it, anyway, I asked her if she believed in God and if she believed he could heal her. She told me she believed in Jesus and yes, she believed he could heal her. Since no one was around in the office at that time, I asked her if she wanted me to pray for her and she said yes…I proceeded to pray for her shoulder; the tissue, the muscles and tried to focus and speak directly to the ailment…just like you told us. After I prayer, she walked away and about 20min. later the lady walked up to me all excited and was moving her arm all around and saying that she could not even move this arm before and said “Look! Look! She was moving it all around and was VERY happy and kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you. I told her to not tell anyone…because I didn’t want to get in trouble from my job.
    I had previously been in another dept. (Healthcare for the HOmeless) where I used to give out bibles and pray for people….upon THEIR request of course. :). They eventually moved me out of that dept and I think it was due to 1 person who over heard me praying one day. It was a spirit that moved me out of there… BUT…..I”M BACK :)!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much Dr. Richards for your obedience and for sharing this information! I’m very interested in attending your training school. I am a graduate from Shiloh Bible College 2012 where I was taught by Dr. Pastor Violet. I was shy only a few credits of getting my B.A degree when the school closed down. I’ve been looking and praying for another school to attend. I must attend part-time evenings though due to my finances.

  • Reyna Hernandez says:

    Hello Dr Richars, my name is Reyna Hernandez, I saw you in Sept at The Star of David church, left a note for you about my brother, Francisco Sandoval, who’s suffer from cancer, he’s at Kaiser Permanente, room 3321, I’m writing to ask if you could visit him. i plan to see you again this coming Thursday. My number is 831-245- 6399. Thank you for all you do

    • Reyna Hernandez says:

      Hello Dr Richards, thank you for all you do, I saw you in Sept at The Star of David church & plan to see you on Thursday again. Writing to ask if you can please is it my brother at Kaiser Permanente in San Jose, off of Lawrence Expressway, Francisco Sandoval, rm 3321, suffering of cancer, my number is 831-245- 6399

  • Billie says:

    could you please tell me where you centers are located in the bay area of Calif.
    Saw you had spoken at a church in the San Jose area in April of this year
    Do you plan any more talks in this area in the near future
    Thanks Billie

  • Jody Balian says:

    There are no links to your training program nor info on where you hold these meetings neither here nor on the Facebook page. How do we follow you and get involved?

  • Aimee Bark says:

    Hi Dr Richards
    I have heard great things about you and the ministry God is doing through you. Im good friends the Doug and Debi Leach and Dave Wendorff. My friend Aimee, has been suffering for 2 years with a nerve problem in her feet. She had run a marathon and then a bit later her feet started burning and tingling. She has been to countless doctors, had surgery on one foot, but there was no improvement. She could tell you all the details. Im hoping she can get some time with you to see what the Lord can do. She has an appointment with a Dr at Stanford so she will be traveling up there soon ( I can find out the dates) but I was hoping she could get some time with you while she is up there. Thank you so much for your consideration. Im going to give you Aimee’s information so you can be in touch with her. She loves the Lord and has been pressing in for healing, etc. But this has been a very painful, heartbreaking season for her. Would you please email her when you receive this so we dont have to wonder if this went through! :))

  • sue says:

    Please pray for my husband as he seems to be losing his memory and ability to follow instructions beyond one task. He’s nearly 60 ,too young to retire, wanting to work but unable to find a job. He has applied for jobs but still unemployed. I am working a casual job up to 38 hours a week(unreliable hours) and coming home to doing most of the home duties too. He is a very talkative man and has managed to convince most everyone he’s ok but I know he’s not managing well. losing paperwork and forgetting many things throughout the day. I am praying God will heal him and I thank God he is providing for us(although it’s a struggle at times). I have manged to reduce his sugar intake since last year but he can still shop for sweets himself so I don’t know what he’s eating when I’m out. Thank you, God bless you, Sue

  • Margaret liu Collins says:

    I like to meet with you or have a phone conversation with you . I totally support what you are doing and like to know more about your ministry . My son is a miracle case that survived serious head injury and was in coma for over 30 days . Against all doctors prognosis he is alive ,Iivinv independently has one BS degree and two MBAs

  • Rachel werking says:

    Just what I’ve been praying about and looking for. 😊

  • Adrianne Adams says:

    I have been at two of your recent healings at Jubilee and have received a few miracles. I have MS, Trigeminal Neuritis, Endotrimetris and was scheduled to be tested for narcolepsy. Long story short, I don’t need the narcolepsy testing, I am backing down on the seizer meds for the horrific pain due to the trigeminal neuralgia, my numbness from multiple sclerosis is gone, but the biggest one is for the past 12 years I’ve been almost blind in my right eye from really bad optic neuritis and now I can see!!!!!! Thank you Dr. Susan Richards I hope to see you again at Jubilee

  • Jana Blantos says:

    Do you have a prayer that I can purchase for the brain? I would like to have your prayers for my son, who is a 5 month old. I would like prayer for brain development.

  • David Romero says:

    I would like locations of healings

  • Shannon says:

    My name is Shannon
    For over 10 years I have been dealing with an illness (female problems) and now stomach too. It all started when I met my ex husband and we had intercourse before marriage. I have repented cut soulties
    Spent thousands of dollars
    Prayed etc for healing
    Please help
    I have forgiven everyone and myself.
    Thank you

  • Wolfgang V. Manowski says:

    Dear Dr. Richards,
    apart from being a cardiac patient (I wear a pacemaker/defibrillator), I have lost so much strength in both of my legs, that I am barely able to walk very short distances with the use of a cane or a walker. Can you possibly help me to regain some of my strength?
    Thanks & regards, sincerely yours
    Wolfgang Manowski

  • Karon Brobst says:

    By the blood of Jesus, I ask for complete healing for my tumorus thyroid and kidneys and carotid arteries.

  • Yea Lian Huang says:

    Dear Dr. Richards

    My name is Yea-Lian Huang, I’m a member of the Forerunner Christian Church. First of all, I want to apologize for interrupting your meeting earlier. Also thank you very much for visiting our church the past Saturday (12/17/16) to share your gift of healing. I was very impressed and encouraged by God’s miracle works and your testimonies.

    I’m calling you to request for a possible consult appointment to evaluate my church family member. He’s is a 43 years old male with history of brain aneurysm. Few months ago in May, he underwent an emergency surgery for the aneurysm, ever since then,he has not waken up. He’s currently a resident at a skilled nursing home in Fremont. Our fellowship group has been praying for him, but we have not seen much improvement . The family has been told the chance of recovery is very slim, most likely he will remain in his current condition indefinitely.

    In addition, I’m very interested in your healing traing program and would like to obtain more information about the program.
    Currently I’m working as a clinical pharmacist at Kaiser Hospital. I hope in the near future, I can be equipped to serve people who are ill, especially in the Chinese community.

    Thank you so much for your time and dedication!!💕

    🙏 Blessings🌟

    Yea Lian Huang😊

  • Wolfgang von Manowski says:

    Dear Dr. Richards,
    we’ve met last Sunday in Fremont, and you were kind enough to pray for my troubles with “inclusive Myopathy” which severely affects my legs.
    Well I am happy to report that my legs and feet are better already. There is less swelling, and I am able to walk a little longer and further than before.
    Thank you Dr. Richards and may God bless you!
    Regards, Wolfgang.

  • annabelle alvarez for Linda Cordova says:

    Dr. Susan Richards,
    I attended the service at Maranatha Church last month. I was representing my cousin who is terminal with lung cancer, brain cancer, cancer in her arm and leg. She couldn’t attend because she was in the hospital at Stanford. I wanted to take her to Sonny’s church last night. She is in the hospital at O’Connor with a fractured pelvis on top of everything else. The doctors told her there is nothing else they can do and to call hospice, which she refused because they only want to give her morphine and kill her. Her name is Bobby (Linda) Cordova. She never gets a break. I don’t think she will ever be able to attend your services. Please pray for her miraculous divine full recovery. In Jesus name. amen.

  • Carla Greif Burt says:

    This ministry sounds very exciting. Are there any centers in the Northeast yet?

  • Diana Strawder says:

    Information on Healing program

  • Amanda Ma says:

    Dear Dr. Susan,

    My family is in urgent needs for a prayer for my brother-in-law Fritz Faulhaber. He has been in ICU for 15 days now, still battle for his breathing, lung issues. He had late stage lung cancer, treatment has caused him all other issues in his body. We are doing everything we can, family members are lose hope. I am a only believer in whole big family, I turly believe our creator can make miracles. My church sister shared your information, I truly believe God has
    been use you doing amazing things for
    make miracles in people’s life like my brother-in-law. My sister desperately
    told me: if your God can make miracles, both Fritz and I will believe it.

    Could you please pray for him? Could we possibly even invite you come to ICU to pray for him, to make a miracles?

    In Him,

  • Michael Galletta says:

    What is your current itinerary?

  • Dyanne says:

    I would like to know more about the locations of the healing centers.

  • Susan Zhang says:

    Hi, I am interested in the certificate program. Can I get more information from you ? Thanks!

  • Carolina Hernandez (Caroleena) says:

    I am interested in been a part of the medical school of healing training program and the community centers. I am a strong believer in The Power of God for Divine healing to be seen and manifested in every area of life… body and soul. I believe that as our spirit has been redeemed by The Blood of Jesus, It is the Power of Him through our Faith that gives us access to received that in which He paid a price for us to obtain, by giving His Life in exchange for our wholeness.
    Isaiah 53:5 says,
    “But He was pierced through for our transgressions,
    He was crushed for our iniquities;
    The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him,
    And by His scourging [stripes] we are healed”. (NASB)
    Thank you for your obedience to educate and equipping the Body of Christ, in order to reveal The Kingdom of God with singes and wonders. May you expand in the ministry of The Lord throughout the Nations in Jesus Name, AMEN.

  • Keith & Doni Jo Heinberger says:

    I would like to come to one of your healing centers for prayer. My wife has cancer, and emotionally I’m having a rough time. So, we need inner and outer healing.

  • Lou Tuosto says:

    Dr. Richards, One of my former Professor’s friend from Biola University needs a healing touch from the Lord. He is a Christian Apologist named Nabeel Qureshi. Could you contact him via his facebook page? He has stage four stomach cancer and is 35 years old. He works for Ravi Zacharias Ministries and wrote a great book called, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.” He is also a medical doctor.

    Thank you for your wonderful ministry. My wife and I live in the Monterey Bay area and would be interested in training with you. We are involved in four ministries at Twin Lakes Church of Aptos. Please let me know when you will be in our area.
    Blessings-Lou Tuosto

  • Christian Mendoza says:

    Just loved attending a few, 3, of Dr Susan’s talks. Especially the other week, when we spoke one on one for awhile. I have become more productive in my business life and am better overall. I expect to stay involved to see if I can help with your work, if you like. Just call me if you need me.

    We were running late on time that evening, it was the day before Mother’s day. The story I wanted to tell her was about what I call a ‘beatific luminescence’, so rare that there is no vocabulary word for it. Really makes a good story.

  • joe calderon says:

    I wasn’t healed but I’m going to try again tonight.

  • Daniel Harris says:

    My son suffers with autism and I believe there was Heavy lead when he was young. He’s 21 currently he’s in the hospital awaiting a bed at the regional psychiatric hospital I really don’t want him there I believe God can heal him it’s a six month wait to get in the hospital and he’s currently in the emergency Ward at UNC Chapel Hill and that’s not good I visit him daily I’m concerned about him losing his Humanity

  • Elisa Han says:

    HI, there. My name is Elisa and I’m interested in attending the healing sessions. I was inquiring where they were. If you could get back to me by phone or email that would be great!

  • john says:

    I live in Palo Alto and would LOve to come to a healing??

  • john says:

    I have had shingles over 50 times, http://livingfreeofpain.ning.com/
    plus I have had encounters with demons but II have been re-born and have had much healing through Christ but a friend said to me that I need to see u, I LOVE what u are doing for Christ so can you please meet me to help me and or my mother ? We both live in Palo Alto

  • Gail Stockholm says:

    Thank you for your beautiful ministry. About 20 years ago, I was part of a small prayer group that met in Stanford Memorial Church to support Christian life on campus and the hospital chaplain and pray for his most difficult cases. We prayed for healing miracles in the Stanford community regularly for years. We were all graduate students and all eight of us men and women went into some form of Christian ministry. We felt God demonstrated His power then and I am thrilled to see that the miraculous work is continuing there through you and your colleagues. God bless you. Gail Stockholm

  • Good day
    I am a Physiotherapist working with ventilted long term comatous children and would love to learn online how to pray foe them.

  • I love your site.. keep up the nice work! Do you know
    the actual theme is by the way?

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