Dr. Susan’s Daily Health Tip: Aspartame and Its Health Effects


Are you eating sugar-free foods to help you lose weight? Unfortunately, most sugar-free foods currently contain the sweetening agent aspartame (NutraSweet™) that can actually harm your health.

You will find it commonly in many of the sugar-free drinks, jams, desserts and other dietetic foods that are available in the supermarkets. Many of my patients have used aspartame containing soft drinks and drink mixes as part of their weight loss program and were unaware of the health risks.

Unfortunately, aspartame causes negative side effects for many women. I have had patients complain that aspartame caused panic-like symptoms, such as rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, nervousness, headaches, anxiety, spaciness and dizziness. It is also toxic to the brain and nervous system. In addition, people with phenylketonuria (PKU) are born without the enzyme needed to metabolize phenylalanine and have intense symptoms of side effects from aspartame.

If you are susceptible to aspartame, be sure to carefully read the labels of any processed diet foods before you buy them and avoid those with aspartame.

Instead, I recommend using the many other wonderful sweeteners that have no to low calories and are actually beneficial for your health like stevia and xylitol. These healthy sweeteners are great for baking, cooking and for sweetening desserts and drinks. I always use them for baking with great results! Love, Dr. Susan

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