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The Many Non-Reproductive Roles of the Uterus and Ovaries

How to make sure your ovaries and uterus are performing at peak health.In another article I wrote about how to restore hormonal balance after a hysterectomy. In the process of researching and writing, I realized that most women probably have no idea about the incredibly crucial roles that their uterus and ovaries play in their […]

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Restore Balance & Health After a Hysterectomy

Harmful effects of hysterectomyAs I was reading through one of my recent medical journals, one article in particular really caught my eye.According to the medical researcher, women who underwent a hysterectomy are fraught with concerns about the harmful effects of this procedure.While these findings are not “news” to me, I was impressed that the journal […]

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What it means when your mammogram shows breast calcifications

Q and A: Should Breast Calcifications Be Biopsied?Dear Dr. Susan,In my latest routine mammogram, they found calcifications. The doctor said I should get another mammogram in six months, but I am wondering if I should have a biopsy sooner than that. What do you think? —MariaDear Maria,As my longtime readers know, I’m generally not a […]

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5 ways to boost a slowing metabolism

Q and A: Metabolic rate and age and what to do about itDear Dr. Susan, My weight used to be consistent and healthy. But since menopause, I’ve gradually gained 15 pounds, even though my diet and exercise program haven’t changed. Has my good metabolism disappeared forever? —BethDear Beth, Absolutely not. However, if you continue on […]

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Self Quiz: Are You Progesterone deficient?

Women who are in the transition to menopause or have entered menopause tend to be progesterone deficient. This can cause a variety of symptoms or contribute to health issues. You may want to review this checklist if you suspect that you are progesterone deficient. If you answer yes to four or more of these questions, […]

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