Over Acidity: How to Reduce Factors that Increase your Acidity

Brush Your Way to Health and BeautyMany of the standard components of modern life act to increase the acid level of the body. These include stress, exercise, airplane travel, and the use of medications. Let’s see how stress affects your body’s acidity for instance. The Acidifying Effect of StressWhen we are under physical and mental […]

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Self Quiz: how good are your Stress Management Skills?

Do You Have the Stress Management Abilities Needed for Peak Performance and Optimal Health? A person’s own evaluation of his or her susceptibility to stress can be a powerful motivator for making the changes in diet and lifestyle necessary to manage stress more effectively. Work through the following checklist Doing so will help you to […]

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Does the walk you walk hurt you?

When walking could be detrimental to youDear Friend,Walking truly is the universal exercise. I love to set aside time every day to walk, basking in its countless benefits, including stronger bones, reduced stress and depression, weight loss, and improved circulation and heart health.But sadly, for a lot of people, walking isn’t so simple. Many women […]

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The Many Non-Reproductive Roles of the Uterus and Ovaries

How to make sure your ovaries and uterus are performing at peak health.In another article I wrote about how to restore hormonal balance after a hysterectomy. In the process of researching and writing, I realized that most women probably have no idea about the incredibly crucial roles that their uterus and ovaries play in their […]

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Alternative Cancer Treatments And The Best Options Against Cancer

A Cutting-Edge Cancer ProtocolThe Gonzalez RegimenWhen it comes to cancer research, if one researcher comes up with an idea that manages to loosen mainstream purse strings, many other cancer scientists quickly jump on that same bandwagon to get in on the funding frenzy.A tragic side effect is that scientists with alternative approaches to cancer are […]

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