The sort of fat your body needs…even to lose weight

Healthy, Delicious Alternatives to Olive OilIs your body craving for the right sort of fat?I love olive oil and think it has extraordinary health benefits. However, I think all the emphasis on the benefits of a Mediterranean diet has given people the mistaken impression that olive oil is the only healthy oil available.Fortunately, eating healthfully […]

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Relationship between exercise and dementia and what it means to you

Health News Around the WorldDear Friend, I recently came across the following three health news discoveries, and I want to share these significant findings with you this month. Exercise and Dementia A recent study shows that having above-average cardiorespiratory fitness is associated with having a bigger hippocampus (one of the first areas of the brain […]

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Impact of emotional balance on whole body health

How is emotional pain affecting your acid-alkali balance?Dear Friend,Most of us have certain quirks or traits that we wish we didn’t have, and sometimes they have a profound effect on the way we respond to stressors or problems in our lives.Some of us respond to challenges by getting anxious and afraid, while others get frustrated, […]

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Physical Exertion, Acid Build Up and How to Balance your pH for more Energy

The Best Tips on how to balance your body’s pHAlkalinizing Agents and Recreational SportsInstead of the use of sodium bicarbonate for hard exertional exercise, which entails using a single and very substantial dose for a quick performance boost, most of us would benefit, instead, from taking more moderate doses periodically during an athletic event or […]

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Why alkalinizing agents and your pH balance can optimize your health

The relationship between exercise intensity and acid build-upDid you know that the Journal of Clinical Investigation, showed that with both intermittent and sustained exercise, the more intense the activity, the faster acid accumulates in your muscles and other tissues? So what should you do? Should you stop exercising? Logic will tell you that that would […]

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Over acidity, inflammation, toxicity and how to improve your health

Determining your body’s natural affinity to AcidityBefore we talk more about what to do with over acidity we have to help you determine what your body’s natural affinity is.If your pH-regulating system is working efficiently, substances that are too acidic or too alkaline are neutralized by this system almost as quickly as they are formed. […]

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