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Seven foods you should avoid if you want to improve your digestion and reduce cancer risks. Your acidity & alkalinity can affect your health in so many averse ways. Avoiding these food can not only promote your health and wellbeing , and the symptoms of indigestion, but also help normalize your body chemistry. Get the list here, and find out how to eat your way to better health.

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Proven Effectiveness

Dr. Susan's best-selling books on health and wellness have sold over two million copies; her monthly newsletter and her biweekly e-newsletter reached over 850,000 subscribers.

She has appeared on numerous national and regional radio and television shows and has been featured in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles.

Her groundbreaking work in the field of integrative medicine has been discussed in hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles as well as many radio programs and national and local television shows. 

She is also an innovative product developer and medical consultant and spokesperson to many major corporations including the Kellogg Company,  Weider Nutrition International and many others.


Over 100 Churches

Dr. Susan has been invited to speak on the pulpits of  and ministered at over 100 Christian churches throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Through careful explanations brings in her medical expertise to help you understand the medical side of health and healing and marries it with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thousands have been blessed with complete healing either instantaneously or through progressive healing, as  the Lord direct. 

You can read some of the testimonials here.

Due to the remarkable recovery of patients she had prayed for hospitals in the Bay Area have also invited Dr. Susan to pray for their terminally ill as well as those in ICU


Reliable Research

When she practiced as an internist both in her own practice as well as a teaching doctor at Stanford University hospital Dr. Susan saw the benefits of integrative medicine and has successfully helped many thousands of patients heal from their health issues.  

She passionately writes health manualswhich include programs you can easily read and adapt to your individual needs. 

There is nothing like going to her healing events (you can see her calendar here.)  In the event that you are unable to attend,   she has developed prayer audios to help you restore your wellness as you diligently listen and pray along with her. 

But because if you are a Christian your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Susan encourages you to take care of this "temple" by using the nutritional benefits of food the Lord has provided to its full potential. 

Some of the churches Dr. Susan had ministered in...for a more extensive list you can go here...

cathedral of faith church
Gateway City Church
venture Christian church
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Susan Richards, M.D.

Dr Susan received her M.D. from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

She has served on the clinical faculty of Stanford University School of Medicine and taught in their Family Medicine Department. Plus she has had extensive experience in integrative medicine having been the expert consultant and product developer at some of America's leading nutritional and food corporations.

Founded the first medical, health and healing ministry in the United States. Her medical ministry Facebook page has over 1,140,000 followers and offers prayer and healing resources for many thousands of people in need each week. Dr. Susan Richards currently does prayer and healing ministry at Stanford University.

The ministry receives nearly 30,000 prayer requests for healing each week, or 1,500,000 prayer requests each year.

She is currently developing the first Medical School of Healing Training Program in the USA and has healing services at churches all over the San Francisco Bay Area every week. She also has LIVE FaceBook events almost every week.  Watch from the comfort of your home LIVE, ask your questions, get answers, and ask for prayers. 


to watch Dr. Susan ministering in churches click here

...I saw verifiable specific cases of miraculous healing... quadriplegics were walking, burnt victims who were miraculously healed,in answer to prayer, fact you've taught many others to pray. 

...It's great to see a Stanford teacher and doctor who prays in our hospitals and where God is working n powerful ways.

Dr. Susan has not only served as a physician in Palo Alto ...but since 2009 moving signs of wonder and miracles. I just love that about Dr. Susan Richards--one of the most qualified medical professional in the Bay Area--not only is  GOD using her to bring healing to some of the toughest cases...people who would not normally get out of the hospital. God has chosen her, ...He's using her to equip other professionals, ... equipping people in the area of healing and also for our faith to grow.

She's a widely known Stanford medical doctor ...she's an author of books on healthy living with tips on nutrition and faith.      After many years of medical practice and teaching.. she started the first medical school of healing,, the first in the United stares, we are very pleased to share her story...

...right here in the Bay Area we can have something like that. (Med school healing) How honored are we, how blessed are we to have her. " Pastor David.

"I've never experienced a healing like this." Pastor Albert. "...instantly the pain was gone."

Of the 9 gifts of the spirit,  I know  you (Dr. Susan) have 3 of them, gift of faith, gift of miracle, gift of healing...some are progressive, some are instant, ...

(She's) one of the most unique Minsters I've ever seen.

She's the sweetest, humble little package Jesus is using.

...was on the clinical faculty at Stanford University School of Medicine...did a lot of teaching at Stanford and as well as many other hospitals and medical institutions. Currently doing ministry at Stanford... a prayer and healing ministry there. Has another expertise... in nutrition- biochemistry. 

So besides conventional medicine she  also understand how to work with the body from the lifestyle side of diet and nutrition. Have written many books in the field, and have worked for many of the top companies in the country to help them put their products together, like vitamin products . (Her) work covers 3 areas--regular medicine, nutritional biochemistry and ministry.

You can listen to the broadcast with Pastor David translating into Mandarin when you click below.

50 easy recipes

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